Schools Drop Healthy Lunch Program: Kids Won’t Eat

Some schools have dropped their healthy lunch program. Many children simply refuse to eat the food. School districts have lost up to $100,000 since they started the program.

The new federal lunch program includes healthier foods. The foods are made with whole grains and include additional fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, children are not interested in the wholesome lunches.

As reported by Today, schools who follow the healthier guidelines are offered reimbursement from the federal government. However, for many schools, the money did not make up for the decline in sales.

The Catlin, Illinois school district experienced a loss of $30,000 since they started the program last year. The loss has made an impact on finances. However, school officials are more concerned that the children are skipping lunch.

Superintendent Gary Lewis explains that the children complain about being hungry. He has also noticed an increase in behavioral issues as the children have trouble paying attention.

The New Albany Voorheesville school district in New York experience similar problems. Within three months, the district lost $30,000. School workers watched the students throw their lunches away on a daily basis.

The children who did eat their lunch complained about the smaller portions. The schools dropped the healthy lunch program in less than a year.

The Harlan County Public School district in Kentucky has also considered dropping the program. As reported by The Daily Caller, students complained that the food “tastes like vomit.”

At a recent school board meeting, parents complained that their children can not concentrate because they are hungry.

The 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is overseen by Dr. Janey Thomas. As deputy undersecretary for the USDA, Thomas has heard the complaints.

Thomas explains that the children simply need to adapt to the healthier foods:

“Many of these children have never seen or tasted some of the fruits and vegetables that are being served before, and it takes a while to adapt and learn.”

The School Nutrition Association determined that up to four percent of schools are prepared to drop the healthy lunch program.

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