#TeamBritt On Twitter: Folks Support Britt McHenry As Advanced Towing Company Dissed For Towing Cars With Kids, Dogs Inside

The saga of the Britt McHenry meltdown rant against a female worker at Advanced Towing Company just keeps progressing and gaining plenty of buzz online as each new revelation unfolds. As reported by the Inquisitr, first came the viral video showing McHenry dressing down an unseen towing firm worker. Britt’s insults about the woman’s presumed missing teeth, lack of education and need to lose weight set the Twitterverse on fire, causing the Twitter hashtag #FireBritt to go viral as folks using the hashtag pressured ESPN to fire McHenry, instead of only giving their reporter a one-week suspension. People using that #FireBritt hashtag compared McHenry’s low blows to the movie Mean Girls, and claimed there was no excuse for such behavior, even after Britt apologized via Twitter for her hurtful words. A new #TeamBritt trending Twitter hashtag has emerged in the wake of new reports about the towing company.

A call from this reporter to the Advanced Towing Company at the center of the scandal turned up a tight-lipped woman who wouldn’t give her opinion on the McHenry video, telling this journalist, “I just heard about all this yesterday” in a distinctive Virginia twang. However, it seems the #FireBritt hashtag must now battle against the #TeamBritt hashtag on Twitter, as more and more people publish their experiences with predatory towing companies.

As reported by NBC, Advanced Towing has even hooked cars to tow with children inside, such as when Arlington-based Max Daout left his sick 7-year-old son inside his car with his teenaged step-sister while the man ran into CVS for medicine, and the towing company left the young boy in tears when they raised and began to tow the vehicle. That same article points to complaints filed that allege the towing company has towed cars with dogs inside.

The New York Post explains how and why the #TeamBritt hashtag is taking off with some folks who are trying to make their voices louder than those branding Britt the name “Regina George,” the main character from Mean Girls. However, not every person using the #TeamBritt hashtag is on McHenry’s side. Instead, they are using #TeamBritt to let folks know there’s no excuse for such behavior.

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