Connie Hoagland, Larry Hoagland: San Diego Day Care Worker Whose Truck Exploded Due To Car Bomb Airs On Friday

Connie Hoagland, the mother of three whose truck exploded in front of a day care in San Diego, will share her side of the story in an episode of Dateline NBC on Friday, according to the latest report by NBC News. The episode entitled “Deadly Intent” will document the day Connie Hoagland was almost killed after a car bomb was planted in her car. The Dateline episode will also retrace investigators’ footsteps as they sort out whether the car bomb was the act of terrorists or a cold blooded killer closer to home.

The San Diego mother’s story made news in September, 2010, when her car exploded in flames just after leaving her job at a home daycare located in a suburban community. The sound of the explosion rocked the entire town. That day, Connie Hoagland’s boss remembers hearing the explosion, and running outside quickly to find Connie Hoagland lying in the street fighting for her life. The victim was air lifted to a local hospital where she underwent surgery for her severe burn injuries.

While she recovered in the hospital with her grown children by her side, law enforcement officials were busying themselves with the details of the case. An investigation revealed that Connie’s car had not exploded by accident or some malfunction — it was intentional. Remnants of a car bomb were found scattered about the area. Police also made the connection to another bomb that had been found in the street weeks earlier. That bomb, they suspected, had fallen out from under a car. They later believed that Connie Hoagland was the target, according to ABC News.

An investigation of this seemingly happy family’s home life revealed that the couple was having financial problems. The case heated up after the business partner of Connie’s husband contacted police to tell them that he had found searches on the computer for how to make a bomb. The searches had been conducted by another man with whom he shared a computer, that man was Connie’s husband — Larry Hoagland. Investigators learned that Larry was living a double life, which involved secret trysts with his high school sweetheart, and a life insurance policy that had been taken out on Connie, listing him as the beneficiary.

He was eventually arrested and charged with the attempted murder of his wife. He was sentenced to life in prison but maintains his innocence — even today.

Be sure to tune in to this exciting and riveting true crime episode. Here’s the tease for Dateline NBC episodeDeadly Intent,” at 8 p.m. central on NBC.

“A woman’s truck explodes outside of her workplace and terrorism is suspected. Is her picture perfect family what it appears to be?”

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