Snoop Dogg Invests $10 Million In Marijuana Delivery Company

Snoop Dogg invested in a new company that will deliver marijuana directly to your door. The rapper reportedly invested $10 million in Eaze, a California company that’s shifting its focus on the marijuana delivery market, according to a Forbes magazine report.

Eaze is an app that allows you to purchase marijuana from approved medical dispensaries in your area. It will also allow you to receive a delivery from a wide variety of drivers. Dogg’s new app is based on the popular transportation app Uber. It allows users to choose from different strains and different dispensaries. Eaze currently operates in California, where medical marijuana is legal.

This new marijuana delivery company has already raised $10 million thanks to Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital and other investors. Snoop has previously invested his money in other tech companies, such as Reddit, according to The rapper hopes to make marijuana delivery available everywhere in the U.S. Snoop announced earlier this year that he would invest his money directly to marijuana startups, according to Tech Crunch.


Meanwhile, there’s another marijuana delivery app that’s looking to compete with Eaze and Snoop Dogg. Forbes also reported about another marijuana delivery service called Canary, which was started by Josiah Tullis and Megh Vakharia. The former members of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Honors Program at the University of Washington wanted to test out a new app that delivers marijuana, much like the one Dogg invested in.

Canary has worked out well for the students. It currently has over 400 deliveries and over $40,000 in marijuana sales, according to the report. Canary still has a ways to go though, since Eaze reportedly has over 30,000 deliveries over the past month in just the San Francisco area. It also doesn’t help that Snoop Dogg is also putting his face on the Eaze name. Like Snoop’s new app, Canary also calls themselves “the Uber for marijuana delivery.” Users can also choose their preferred marijuana strain and dispensary.

The company hopes to deliver across the nation, or to the 23 states where medical marijuana is legal. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg’s Eaze app plans “to move to other states as quickly as possible.” The company is also focusing on the west and Pacific Northwest.

Since Canary doesn’t have Snoop Dogg’s money, the company will ask marijuana patients to recommend their local dispensaries. It currently operates in the Seattle area, where drivers can only deliver medical marijuana “because the recreational marijuana law specifically states ‘no Internet sales or delivery,'” says Tullis.


When Snoop Dogg isn’t busy investing in marijuana startups, he’s organizing a “weed day” in Seattle. The rapper wants to bring back his popular Wellness Retreat on Sunday, the day before 4/20, also known as National Weed Day, according to the Seattle Times.

What are your thoughts on Snoop Dogg’s investment in Eaze and similar companies like Canary? Would you consider using a medical marijuana delivery app?

[Image: Eaze, Canary, Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

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