WWE News: Indy Star Uhaa Nation Speaks On His Progress, Potential WWE NXT Opponents

As the WWE announced the brand new signings to WWE NXT, one person sticks out among the rest. His name is Uhaa Nation, and he’s a star around the Independent scene. Since he is no longer an Indy wrestler, Nation can now take his talents to the WWE. By only watching a few matches of his, he is going to be a huge star in the WWE.

WWE.com did an interview with Nation about his progress in the WWE developmental center and his future in WWE.

“Definitely working on my mic work, talking. I’m not the best. I didn’t get to do a lot of it on the indies. But as far as learning, I’m game for anything, and I’m just going to soak up any amount of knowledge I can get. You can never learn too much, no matter how far you get. The fact we get an opportunity to be here with guys who have been around the world and just have that wealth of knowledge, those guys who have been to the stage that we’re trying to get to, the fact they take the time out to teach us and help us is amazing.”

All wrestling fans who follow the Indy scene are very excited to see Nation in NXT. Uhaa Nation also spoke on what opponents he’d like to face in WWE NXT.

“Oh, there are so many. You’ve got Neville, Finn Bálor, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens. Luke Harper, we had a lot of fun in DGUSA. Dolph Ziggler. The list is endless. Kalisto… There are just so many talented guys here. You’ve got Hideo Itami. There’s so many that it almost seems like there’s not enough time. You want to go out there and wrestle them all at one time. Another one is Solomon Crowe.”

Nation’s athletic ability will allow him to wrestle anybody. Most of his matches can be found on YouTube, so his work isn’t private. The WWE is very lucky to be getting a guy like Nation, as his athleticism is comparable to Shelton Benjamin or John Morrison. However, he’s a much-bigger guy than Benjamin, so imagine the spots that will take place.

WWE NXT is almost ready to tour internationally, so that’s more exposure the world will get to WWE NXT. Uhaa Nation will be a part of that evolution of WWE’s third brand. Nation is billed at six-foot-one, 260 lbs, which will come in handy against bigger opponents. It’s unknown as to what his WWE name will be, but soon enough, everybody will know who he is.

[Image via wearewrestling.net]