Let It Go! Senator’s ‘Frozen’ Ringtone Hilariously Interrupts Hearing [Video]

This is something that many of us are familiar with: You’re in a meeting or a somber situation and the phone that you thought was on silent starts blaring a certain tune. For Senator Pat Roberts, this embarrassing moment came with the “Let It Go” ringtone from Frozen.

“Aw, come on,” the 78-year-old Kansas senator said as he pulled his phone from his pocket during a Senate Finance Committee Hearing on Thursday.

The hilarious interruption — which was followed by snickers and laughter from the crowd — occurred when Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was answering a question from the senator.

“Just let it go, mister,” Roberts said as he apologized for the ill-timed interruption.

Senator's 'Frozen' Ringtone Interrupts Hearing

Senator Roberts later stated that the Frozen ringtone was “for his grandkids” – and tweeted, “Somebody had to tell the Obama Administration to ‘Let it go.’ #forthegrandkids.”

However, several Twitter users said the senator should own up to the hilarious ringtone and not pass any blame to Obama.