Towing Company Worker On Britt McHenry Video: ‘I Just Heard About All This Yesterday’

The backlash and questions over the viral Britt McHenry video — where the ESPN reporter called a woman at Advanced Towing Company, LLC in Arlington, Virginia, disparaging things such as overweight and undereducated — has caused McHenry to suffer a one-week suspension. It has also made her the target of the #FireBritt hashtag on Twitter by folks who believe Britt should be fired for her Mean Girls insults.

Other people, while not necessarily condoning McHenry’s behavior, have weighed in on the bad reputation of Advanced Towing Company, which has 62 reviews right now on Google that average out to a paltry 1.2 out of five stars, with customers ranting about their alleged predatory towing practices.

As reported by Alexandria News, a man named Dan Garcia was able to successfully win a lawsuit against the towing company — not for the damages he says they caused to his car when they towed the vehicle, but for overcharging him. Having towed 547 cars between January 1, 2012 to May 17, 2013 — at a minimum rate of $125 each — Advanced Towing could have grossed quite a bit of money for that short time, including overcharges and penalties.

Following accusations of predatory towing practices and now the Britt video going viral due to the unseemly way she responded to those towing charges, it was time to get the towing company’s side of the story and give them a call. The first call to Advanced Towing Company, located at 4000 5th Road North in Arlington, Virginia, to (703) 241-2211 from this reporter’s MacBook Air was met with a message stating that the caller does not wish to speak with callers who block their numbers.

Update: Advanced Towing Company issues statement: Britt McHenry Insult Victim: Gina, Single Mom Of 3, Doesn’t Want ESPN Reporter Fired

The second attempt to call the towing company at the center of the Britt melee from a land line was more successful, with an unidentified Advanced Towing employee answering the phone, tight-lipped on the McHenry situation as she might have been. After the Advanced Towing employee answered the phone, this journalist asked for comments and the name of the woman at the target of McHenry’s rage, yet she claimed she didn’t know the name and was quick to offer an email address for reporters to contact.

“I don’t but I can give you an email.”

After asking questions about what began the now infamous showdown, the Advanced Towing worker claimed ignorance.

“Uh… you know I’m not sure. I just heard about all this yesterday. Let me give you the email address. It’s”

As for her specific thoughts on the viral Britt video, she had none at the moment.

“I don’t have any, not right now.”

“What set off the argument?”

“I don’t know.”

Therefore, while the towing company appears to be tight-lipped on the Britt situation — or holding out for a Barbara Walters’ exclusive — the general public is reading stories about how ESPN gave McHenry a slap on the wrist with only a one-week suspension, as reported by USA Today.

Meanwhile, the following interview questions were sent to the Advanced Towing LLC email address, so check back for updates from the firm, who has yet to respond as of this writing.


1 – What set off the argument with McHenry?

2 – What’s the name of the woman to whom she was speaking?

3 – Does that woman have a photo she’s willing to share?

4 – Do you have more of the video involving Britt?

5 – Do you believe Britt should be fired?

6 – How did the woman feel after being insulted by Britt?

7 – How do you respond to all the negative reviews online about Advanced Towing?

8 – Do you feel that your towing practices are legal?

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