Peggy, The Haunted Doll: Video Of Evil Spirit Possessed Doll Causes Viewers To Have Chest Pains, Nausea, And Headaches

A paranormal investigator, Jayne Harris, claims that many people have reported symptoms, such as chest pains, nausea, and migraine headaches, after viewing photos and videos of a blonde doll called Peggy, believed to be possessed by an evil spirit.

According to Harris, who runs “Haunted Dolls,” an organization in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, that provides services in the area of paranormal phenomena, such as psychic mediumship, exorcism, and the occult, Peggy is evidently possessed by an evil spirit that causes people to have bad experiences when they see her image or come into contact with her.

[Warning: Videos and images show “haunted” doll; view at your own risk.]

Harris became immersed in the study of paranormal phenomena, especially spirit possession, after the death of her cousin in 2000, according to the Daily Mail.

She said Peggy was sent to her by a previous owner who got rid of the doll after she became convinced that it was the cause of a series of terrifying experiences and illnesses.

The former owner was forced to seek the help of a local priest after experiencing persistent terrifying nightmares. But the priest was not able to help. She later fell ill with fever and became delirious. When she recovered from her illness she became firmly convinced that Peggy was to blame for her troubles.

“She’d wake feeling hot and shaken. No matter where she moved the doll to in her home, the nightmares persisted. In September she became quite ill with a fever and began suffering hallucinations. When she recovered, she saw no other option but to get rid of the doll as she was convinced it was at the center of all that had been happening.”

Since she came into possession of the haunted doll, Harris says she has received messages from many paranormal enthusiasts around the world who have seen images and videos of the doll and claim that merely looking at an image or watching a video of Peggy has affected them adversely.

Many claimed they became unwell with chest pains, nausea, and migraine headaches. One woman said the monitor of her computer froze on an image of the doll and the room became mysteriously cold as she felt a sinister presence.

Another unfortunate lady experienced a heart attack after watching a video of the doll sitting with Harris in a car. The incident happened very recently, on March 16, according to the Mirror.

Yet another victim said light bulbs in her home began blowing up after she saw images of the doll and watched a video.

“If I had to guess, I’d say close to 80 people have came forward with experiences. One lady said that when she opened a photograph of Peggy, her computer froze on the picture and the room went cold.

“She then said she felt someone in the room with her and could hear them moving around. She was messaging me at the time via Facebook asking me to quickly advise her on what to do.

“I took Peggy down into an isolation area and requested that she cease her tormenting. Apparently everything returned to normal.”

She began conducting investigations into Peggy’s history after she confirmed the doll was indeed possessed. Several clues have emerged.

For instance, she and her Haunted Dolls team found that the spirit reacted unfavorably to a crucifix necklace the doll was forced to wear.

Four psychic mediums of the Haunted Dolls team conducted psychic “readings” and sensed that the spirit possessing the doll was “restless, frustrated and persecuted in life.”

Some of the mediums said that Peggy could be possessed by the spirit of a Jewish person who died in the Holocaust.

“A lot of people, including two mediums, have said they feel she has links to the Holocaust and was possibly Jewish. We have conducted automatic writing sessions with her in which the words ‘star’ and the name ‘David’ came up, so there is possibly a link there.”

Other evidence suggests it might be the spirit of a woman born in Holland Park, London, 1940 and died of respiratory problems suspected to be asthma.

Harris said she has refused offers from psychics outside the Haunted Dolls team to expel the spirit from the doll. She has also declined invitations to paranormal events to show the doll. She says she plans to conduct private research into the intriguing case.

Methods psychic mediums use to investigate spirits include “automatic writing sessions” where a medium communicates with a spirit by “automatically” writing on a piece of paper whatever comes to the medium’s mind, believed to have been communicated by the spirit.

On one occasion, during an “automatic writing” session, the spirit caused a cryptic message to be communicated to a member of the team whose daughter was mentally ill, according to the Daily Mail.

Harris is the author of books on paranormal phenomena. She is due to release a book titled What Dwells Within, co-authored with Dan Weatherer in June.

The book gives details of some of her most memorable paranormal experiences.

[Images: Facebook/HauntedDollPage; YouTube/Jayne Harris]