#FireBritt Trends On Twitter After Britt McHenry Video Goes Viral — Folks Call For ESPN Reporter To Be Fired

Controversy over the Britt McHenry video is growing, as reported by the Inquisitr. First off, if you haven’t yet seen the video of the ESPN reporter going off on a woman who works at a tow trucking company, stop what you’re doing and watch it so you can catch up on the drama.

In the video, an angry Britt is shown looking less glamorous than McHenry normally appears on ESPN. Her biting comments have gotten her compared to a grown-up version of Mean Girls, so much so that calls to #FireBritt are trending on Twitter.

As of this writing, ESPN’s McHenry has only suffered a one-week suspension for her tow truck company rant, reports NBC News‎. However, the truly harsh and pointed comments that Britt lodge against the unseen woman — telling her to lose weight and insulting the woman’s education level and missing teeth — has some members of the public saying the reporter got away with a slap on the wrist. That’s why the #FireBritt Twitter hashtag emerged on Twitter, with folks publishing their 140 characters or less worth of commentary about why they feel McHenry should lose her job at ESPN and the other outlets where she appears as an occasional sports reporter.

The ESPN reporter did apologize after the video went viral, with Britt claiming that her frustration with the alleged illegal practices of the tow trucking company is what led her to such anger, as reported by People.

Certain folks empathize with McHenry’s situation. However, many other folks are stating that no matter how angry Britt became at the tow truck firm, there was no need to ever stoop to such a low level of insults towards the woman, which involved dissing her looks, weight, and intelligence.

[Image via YouTube]