As His Young Daughters Slowly Die, Bank Of America Threatens Foreclosure On A Kansas Dad’s Home

Watching as your two children slowly die must be indescribably painful; a Kansas dad is doing that while his bank is sending foreclosure threats to his home, KAKE (Wichita) is reporting.

James Shepherd two young daughters, Meriah, now 21, and Tia, now 17, are both dying of the same disease — slowly — and each day their symptoms get worse, and the demands to care for them increase.

Tia Shepherd

Neither girl can see, hear, or speak. They can’t move. The Kansas dad says he has to physically watch over them all hours of the day and night.

“They can’t push a button or yell or say, ‘Hey I need this.’ You have to physically watch them all the time. They have passed on me several times. Complete zero. I’ve bagged them back several times.”

Two years ago, James quit work to care for his daughters full-time, unable to find a nurse who is qualified to care for the sisters. With no income, he can’t make his mortgage payments; he’s now $16,000 behind on his mortgage, and his bank is running out of patience.

“Now it’s at a point where we are getting letters for foreclosure through Bank of America.”

The Kansas dad has tried to get help from the government, but he’s run into a bureaucratic stonewall.

“We’ve got applications out there for Section 8 but we’re coming into roadblocks. Because they’re wanting photo IDs of the girls. Well, they can’t go get a photo ID because they can’t go to the DMV.”

While James tries navigate the personal and bureaucratic nightmares, strangers are coming to his aid. A GoFundMe page has been set up with the goal of raising $30,000 to help the family avoid foreclosure and catch up on their bills.

“We are trying to raise money to save their house before June. They have lived in this house their entire lives. They are also needing money for utility bills and medical supplies.”

Fortunately for the Kansas dad and his family, strangers have not only offered up their money, but also their time and expertise in helping the dad navigate the government bureaucracy and get the help his daughters need.

“Hi my name is Amanda. I’m a RN at Advanced Mobile Healthcare. Who is seeing your girls for their medical care since they are unable to leave the home? We are a group of nurse practitioners that make housecalls to see our patients on a monthly basis. We could help you out with medical care including getting the girls home health services. I would also be happy to work to get a social worker invoked who could help with housing. Are the girls on the waiver program? Please call me if I can help. 316-###-####.

“Hi my name is Kenesha Collins,I currently work with Ks Dept Of Revenue, with processing Ks dl and KSID’s, I will talk to my head of command to see what I can do to get your girls KSID, u will need birth cert and social security cards for processing and your KSDL proof, my number is 316,###-#### so maybe somehow we can get them Id, please call me so I can have you all numbers to give you information, will try to contact you as soon as I get information, God will Bless be encouraged.”

As of this post, the online fundraising campaign for the Kansas dad in danger of foreclosure has raised just under $15,000.

[Images courtesy of: GoFundMe]