Kate Major Lohan Arrested: Stepmom Of Actress Lindsay Lohan Booked In Jail For Assaulting Michael Lohan

Kate Major Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother, was arrested for assaulting her husband, Michael Lohan, at their home. TMZ is reporting now that Kate Major Lohan was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and charged with ‘Battery.’ The domestic violence incident and arrest took place on Thursday.

According to law enforcement officials in Palm Beach county, authorities were called out to the home by Michael Lohan, who reported that his wife had hit him. When police arrived at the location, they found the former Wall Street trader with some minor visible scratches. Kate Major Lohan claimed that Michael had assaulted her as well, but police found no visible injuries to substantiate her accusations. When authorities asked what led to the altercation, Lohan stated that his wife had gone out to get dinner but returned home a drunken mess.

Police arrested Kate Lohan after she tried to assault herself to make it look like Michael Lohan had assaulted her. Law enforcement officials say she was also noticeably intoxicated and reeked of alcohol.

Michael Lohan told TMZ that the fight at their home was sparked by his ex-wife, Dina, who is back and forth in court. He told TMZ the following.

“At the end of the day, this is all because of what Dina is doing in court… It affects Kate too, and like anyone with a drug or alcohol problem, when they can’t handle the stress, they resort to drinking.”

Kate Major Lohan has a history of drinking. Court records show that she has prior arrests for driving under the influence, some battery charges, and a probation violation. Calling the police was actually the proper action to take, according to some scholarly articles on domestic violence therapy. It is also suggested that a couple should receive separate counseling in order to repair the marriage — if possible.

Kate Major Lohan and Michael Lohan seem happy here on their Facebook page.

Kate Major Lohan and Michael Lohan married in October of 2013 on a waterfront property in Florida, where Kate was proudly flashing her huge diamond ring. The famous couple has two children from that relationship.

The Inquistir reported earlier that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, another celebrity couple who has had their share of marital troubles, is back together and continuing to work on bettering their relationship. About their struggles, Douglas stated that a married couple has to be willing to work it out. Only time will tell if Kate and Michael Lohan can do the same. No word on what Parent Trap actress Lindsay Lohan has to say about her father’s latest troubles.

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