Fans Already Gathering At Hospital In London Where Kate Middleton Is Believed To Give Birth

St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where Kate Middleton is expected to give birth to her second child, already has some devoted fans lined up waiting to catch a glimpse of her when she arrives — although there’s absolutely no indication she’s in labor yet.

True to typical royal form, the family has remained tight-lipped about the sex of the unborn child or the child’s due date, although Kate Middleton reportedly told a teenage girl last month at a charity function that “the baby was expected in mid to late April.” With it only being April 16, these fans may have a long wait.

Kate is officially on maternity leave, meaning she is set to give no more public appearances before the birth of the child, which will be fifth in line for the throne, whether it is male or female. Many betting websites in England have reported that people believe the child is a girl and that she will be named Alice, although the reasoning behind this thinking is unclear. Royals tend to stick to previously used names, and Alice has been used several times, so it is a possibility. Others hold out for hopes of the baby being named “Diana” in honor of Prince William’s late mother, The Lady Diana Spencer, who tragically died in a car accident just a year after divorcing Prince William’s father.

Already, the hospital has erected “holding pens” — steel fences meant to make room for about 100 members of the media, although Kate and William’s private birthing suite will be off limits to the press and the paparazzi.

Kate, 33, has had difficult pregnancies both times, experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of nausea and vomiting that can threaten the well-being of mother and child through means of dehydration. In recent pictures, however, Kate has looked well, making her last few appearances in a fuchsia colored coat, which has spurred speculation that the child she carries is, indeed, a girl. Kate typically wears blue more than any other color, according to royal analysts. However, Prince George was speculated to be a girl as well, so that’s really all the sex-guessing is — speculation. There has been no word at all from the royal palace.

Rumors of a homebirth that surfaced earlier this year are seeming to be quieted as the hospital makes preparation for the commotion that is sure to welcome the new prince or princess. Those waiting, however, may have a very long wait indeed, as Kate may not give birth for several more weeks.