Jason Warnock Rescues Driver After Idaho Car Crash Leaves SUV Hanging Over A Cliff [Photos]

A man named Jason Warnock turns out to be the identity of the mysterious Good Samaritan who rescued the driver after a car crash in Lewiston, Idaho, left the SUV hanging over a cliff. Warnock happened to be there just in time to save the driver, but then the mystery hero disappeared before anyone could learn the rescuer’s name.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a different Good Samaritan named John St. Jean stood up to a stranger to help a boy only to end up on life support.

A photo of Jason Warnock saving 23-year-old driver Mathew Sitko went viral earlier in the week after being published by the Lewiston Morning Tribune. Although the man disappeared from the scene of the rescue, Warnock was interviewed by the Lewiston Police Department a day later.

Warnock says he saw debris in the roadway while driving along Bryden Canyon Road. When he stopped to take a look, he saw Sitko’s 2000 GMC Yukon hanging above a 30-foot cliff with only a chain-link fence preventing the vehicle from rolling off the side.

“The guy is still hanging,” Warnock said in a 911 call to police. “I’m hoping he stays there.”

Realizing that he could not wait for authorities to arrive, Warnock rushed to a nearby footbridge and climbed the cliff face in order to reached the stranded vehicle. Unfortunately, when Warnock used his Leatherman multi-tool on the car window, it would not break, so calmed down Sitko to the point that he could roll the window down from the inside. Warnock then pulled Sitko through the window to safety on the grassy embankment.

Jason Warnock Rescues Driver After Idaho Car Crash Leaves SUV Hanging Over A Cliff [Photos]

The mysterious Good Samaritan then left as police arrived on the scene.

“He said he had to go, and he left,” Lewiston police officer Eric Olson said, according to the Associated Press. Police chief Roger Lanier added that the accident was triggered when Sitko had “some sort of mental or emotional episode.” Witnesses said they saw the vehicle swerving around other cars right before going off the road.

After being rescued, Matthew Sitko was sent to a local hospital.

“He was treated for his injuries, which were minor, but he’s also being treated for some mental health issues,” chief Lanier said, according to NBC.

On Wednesday, Sitko posted a Facebook status saying he felt “blessed” and thanked God for “taking care of [him].” Lewiston police also said they wanted to “thank Jason Warnock for his quick and decisive actions in helping Mr. Sitko and preventing the situation from worsening.” For his part, Warnock has not sought fame or attention for doing his good deed.

Jason Warnock Rescue

[Images via Barry Kough / Lewiston Tribune]