Charmander Tattoo: ‘Worst Ever’ Tattoo Obtained By Drunk Guy Goes Viral

A Charmander tattoo has been dubbed the “worst ever,” and has gone viral online after it was posted on Reddit about 24 hours ago. According to Nintendo Life, a 27-year-old got drunk, and decided that he wanted a tattoo — of Charmander, a species of monster from Pokémon. While that might be a solid idea for a true fan of Pokémon, the guy ended up with a tattoo that looks nothing like Charmander — like it’s not even close (save for maybe his fiery tail, but that’s not even fiery enough if you ask true Charmander fans).

Perhaps the best part of this story is that the guy gave himself the tattoo. According to the Mirror, the unnamed man had taken Xanax along with his alcohol (something that most doctors will tell you is a huge no-no, and now you can see why), and he decided that there was no one better to give him a tattoo than himself. The Mirror called it a “DIY stick and poke effort,” which sounds (and looks) about right.

The Charmander tattoo may be the worst drawing of the character ever created, and people seem to be having a ton of fun with it online. Apparently an internet search will afford you pictures of T-shirts which have already been created in honor of this terrible (or epic?) ink art. It is also well on its way to becoming a meme, and, if you act fast, you can get yourself a commemorative mug. Because why not?

Some think that the Charmander tattoo is the worst tattoo ever, but there have been plenty of pretty bad ink jobs over the years, many of which have nothing to do with bad artwork. For instance, spelling errors seem to make the list of terrible tattoos again and again. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this tattoo from 2009 was pretty bad, but the guy that got it can feel a little bit better after reading this article.

[Photo via Twitter]