Kentucky Derby Joins Growing List To Ban Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are being banned in a lot of places these days. Those planning to attend the Kentucky Derby on May 2 are advised to leave their selfie sticks at home, according to the Boston Herald. The Kentucky Derby joins a growing list of places that are banning the selfie stick. The fairly new invention on a pole has already been banned from many music festivals, museums, concerts, and sporting events around the world.

While the Kentucky Derby has banned the selfie stick, it has not banned selfies. The selfie stick has been banned because of safety measures to protect the horses and the crowd of about 160,000 people who are expected to be at Churchill Downs on Derby Day, says spokesman John Asher.

“I don’t think it’s a huge sacrifice for anybody who loves to take a selfie. You’ll still be able to take a selfie. You just won’t be able to take one of yourself as if your arms were nine feet long.”

Asher added that he believes there will be plenty of opportunities for selfies to be taken without using a selfie stick that could become a distraction for the horses if used along the rails.

CNN reported that a few days ago, Apple banned selfie sticks from its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Like Kentucky Derby officials, Apple officials encourage selfies without the stick.

Some people have no problem with the ban. Even the selfie stick inventor, Wayne Fromm, said he had no problem with the ban in places that are banning the selfie stick. He said, “It’s prudent to limit its use because, even inadvertently, it could cause a problem. We have to roll with the punches.”

Not all users are taking the ban in stride like Fromm. Another selfie-stick entrepreneur, Jacqueline Verdier, CEO of Selfie on a Stick, believes banning the selfie stick from events like the Kentucky Derby is a disservice to fans.

Bans have been imposed on the use of selfie sticks in a lot of places, mainly because of safety concerns and respect for others in the area. Selfie sticks have been banned in some museums and galleries because of concerns about possible damage to expensive art, as well as disruption to other visitors. Walt Disney World in Florida has banned tourists and cast members from using selfie sticks.

Don’t be surprised if some of your favorite places will join the growing list to ban the selfie stick.

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