Ricky Ricardo Chiles: Man Accused Of Killing Two After 2-Year-Old Was Fatally Struck By Car Commits Suicide As Police Close In

Ricky Ricardo Chiles was accused by police of executing two men after a traffic wreck that left a toddler dead, and as police moved in to arrest the 27-year-old, he committed one shocking final act.

Police said Chiles took his own life as police closed in on a Chicago-area hotel where they believed he was holed up. Just days before, police said Ricky Ricardo Chiles killed Archie Brown Jr., who stopped his car after striking toddler Damani Terry in a Milwaukee street.

Chiles allegedly shot Brown to death in retribution, then turned the gun on 15-year-old Rasheed Chiles, the brother of the toddler and Ricky’s own nephew.

The family members had been together for a house party.

Before the shocking end to the manhunt, family members had called on Ricky Ricardo Chiles to turn himself in to police.

“Sunday was the worst day I ever lived in my whole entire life. It’s a day I wish had never, never came,” Lena Tidwell, who is Chiles’ mom and grandmother to Damani and Rasheed, told WISN. “The only thing I want to say to Ricky is, ‘Do the right thing. If you was involved in that, do the right thing, just give yourself up.’ “

Tidwell said she was at the party when she heard screaming from the street.

“I heard people screaming. I didn’t know my grandbaby got hit, and then I heard people just screaming. Then I just heard gunshots, and my daughter ran in the house with the baby in her arms,” Lena Tidwell said.

Tidwell added that 15-year-old Rasheed told her he was shot, and she didn’t believe him at first.

“After that, Rasheed ran in the house. He say, ‘Grandma, I got shot,’ and I didn’t see no blood, and I said, ‘Boy, you ain’t shot, you OK.’ And he ran back outside and when he ran down the stairs, he just fell on the ground, and I ran out there, and I said, ‘Rasheed, what’s wrong?’ and I turned him over, and I seen blood trickling, coming out of his shirt,” Lena Tidwell said.

Chiles had a long history with the law. He was sentenced to probation for a sex assault in 2004 and had other convictions for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and also driving the getaway car for a bank robbery.

Ricky Ricardo Chiles was also diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic, WISN-TV reported.

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