Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Would GM Really Let Russell Wilson Leave Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks rumors have taken an interesting turn. While negotiations between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks continue, team general manager John Schneider made some odd comments about how the talks are progressing. CBS Sports reported on a radio interview that Schneider did in Seattle, and the quotes have Seahawks fans scratching their heads.

“Every negotiation is unique in and of itself and this is no different. Ultimate team sport, he’s our quarterback, we’d love him to be our quarterback. But the thing is, we need to keep as many of these guys together as we possibly can. We have to be able to protect ourselves as we go and make smart decisions in trying to keep this whole thing together as long as we possibly can.

There are several ways to look at what the Seattle Seahawks GM just stated to the press. The first is that this is simply a negotiating tactic and that he doesn’t want to cave to extensive contract demands from Russell Wilson and his agent. Another is that Schneider is trying to show that one man isn’t bigger than the team, and that he has to keep a clear goal of success in sight.

These Seattle Seahawks rumors about the Russell Wilson contract extension have been taking place during the entire NFL offseason. He is heading into the final season of his rookie contract, where he will make just over $1.5 million for the year. That is far less than the other top quarterbacks in the league, and he is clearly in line for a huge payday. When that payday will finally happen is the topic that has been hotly debated by football analysts.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, the Seahawks took care of Marshawn Lynch by giving him a raise and contract extension earlier in the NFL offseason. At the time Lynch was re-signed, there seemed to be an indication that Wilson would soon receive a new deal of his own. After getting the Seahawks to the Super Bowl for new consecutive years, it also seemed to fans like this was an obvious move for the front office to make quickly. That isn’t one of the adjectives that is getting used right now, though, as it has started to look like Schneider is playing hardball when it comes to the negotiations.

Back in February, the Seattle Times wrote about how the upcoming deal for Russell Wilson could be record-breaking when it comes to guaranteed money. Since NFL contracts aren’t inherently guaranteed, it’s a big deal for a team to offer heavy sums of money in this matter. Rumors about how much money the Seattle Seahawks would offer the star quarterback have varied, but all indications have been that the team needs to get a deal done. For now, though, it appears that nothing is imminent.

[Image Source: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]