Anna Kendrick’s Emily Blunt Love Stuns John Krasinski On ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Lip Sync Battle fans had better brace themselves for some Anna Kendrick-Emily Blunt love this week. Thursday night’s episode pits the Pitch Perfect star against Emily’s hubby and Office star John Krasinski, and it’s clear that they’re both willing to go to great lengths to win. How are things shaping up for this epic battle?

Fans of the battle, which came via Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show, know that John Krasinski is a king at this challenge. As the New York Times shared, Krasinski originally brought the battle to Fallon in the first place after creating it during a car trip with wife Emily Blunt and writer Stephen Merchant a couple of years ago. After the bit became a hit on Fallon’s show, it would come as no surprise that Krasinski and Blunt would both take a spin on Lip Sync Battle as it started airing as its own show on Spike TV.

Emily faced off against Anne Hathaway in a recent episode, and the two proved to be worthy adversaries. Emily did a fantastic job, but ultimately Anne took home the win thanks to her “Wrecking Ball” performance. This week, however, Anna Kendrick’s Emily Blunt love schtick against Krasinski may prove to be the best performance yet.

Lip Sync Battle fans know that each contestant gets two shots at impressing the audience. From the looks of things, Kendrick’s first song of the night is where she goes for the gusto by sharing her love for John’s wife, Emily, via a performance of One Direction’s “Steal My Heart.”

First, Anna arranges for adorable photos of Emily to be shown on a big screen as she sings about her love for Blunt. Then Kendrick takes things a step further by showing off her Anna and Emily t-shirt in the middle of the performance. John loves it, and the preview clips already have people cracking up, anxious to see the whole thing.

As People shares, John is in it to win it, and Krasinski will put together a wild rendition of “Proud Mary.” John pays homage to Tina Turner and the original version of the song with a very Tina-esque shimmery dress.

Perhaps, however, John shouldn’t feel too comfortable in his Turner ensemble. Kendrick is not about to be outdone and she’s pulling out all the stops. She tackles Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty,” and she manages to bring Lopez herself into the mix of things. Krasinski can’t keep his cool when he realizes that he may have just lost the title, despite originating the battle.

Lip Sync Battle had enticed potential viewers with some great clips in hyping the show and those tuning in are having a blast watching the full performances. Clips of John Krasinski’s performances have been teased for some time now, but it’s looking like Anna Kendrick’s Emily Blunt love may steal the win away. Tune in to Lip Sync Battle airing Thursday nights on Spike TV to see what all the fuss is about.

[Image via Spike Press]