Kate Middleton Lookalike Hounded By Death Threats And Perverts

It’s no fairytale existence being the world’s number one Kate Middleton lookalike. In her own words, the woman who would be the Duchess of Cambridge lives a life that’s “full of weirdness.”

Heidi Agan, who is Kate Middleton’s other with a different mother has received 15 marriage proposals from complete strangers, and the Duchess’s double revealed to the Daily Express that she has also been bombarded with chilling death threats from anti-royalists.

“It’s pretty weird getting death threats from internet trolls on Twitter and Facebook. I deliberately kept my pages open for all the nice people that want to get in touch but some people use the internet to say stuff to me they would never dare say to my face. If someone is jealous or doesn’t like what I do they can spit it out on their computer and don’t have to deal with me saying something back to them.”

The single mom, who used to wait tables at Frankie & Benny’s burger restaurant remains positive about the trolling, and the £3,000 a day pay check for the privilege of pretending to be Kate Middleton obviously helps too

“If you’re in the public eye, even as a lookalike, you have to take the rough with the smooth. I’ve had to stop reading anything about myself, good or bad, because it knocks my confidence and makes me feel terrible about myself. I suffered from quite severe anxiety and had to have hypnotherapy, which thankfully has worked.”

Yet it’s not just death threats that hound the heels of Kate Middleton’s doppelganger. The Princess of pretence also attracts the unwanted attention of men of a certain persuasion. Men who have something of a foot fetish and are obsessed with taking pictures of the mock Middleton’s feet.

“It started because I did one photo with no shoes on and that has opened a whole world of weirdness. People started messaging me, wanting pictures of my feet. Some even want to hire me so they can rub my feet because it’s their dream to rub Kate’s. I politely decline.”

Kate Middleton Lookalike 2

So convincing is Hedi’s portrayal of the Duchess, her teenage son’s friends insist on calling her Kate, and members of the public who see her out and about are convinced she’s the real deal.

“If I’m out and about people will come up and ask for a photograph. There was a lady in the TK Maxx shop in Kettering who hid behind the clothes racks staring at me, convinced I was Kate but too scared to talk to me. Sometimes though I get people saying they hate the royals, or ‘You don’t look anything like her. They just don’t get the joke. It’s meant to be fun, not deadly serious. I’m fully aware that I’m not Kate Middleton.”

Although Hedi is her own woman and just plays at being Kate Middleton for her day job, she’ll be more than a little relieved when the Duchess finally gives birth to her second child.

“I’ve spent the past few months having to wear four different-sized false baby bumps made for me by a seamstress, so I look authentic as the real pregnancy has gone along. I can’t wait to get rid of those.”

(Images Via The Express/Heidi Agan/Facebook)