Jaden Smith’s Got The Twitter Feed You Need! #Swoosh

Apparently, it is not only Jaden Smith’s dress that is getting attention from people worldwide. With all the ruckus about the young actor’s sense of style, his social media accounts have been put under a microscope.

On his Twitter feed, people discovered something more about the Karate Kid. It turns out, Smith is not only a dress-toting celebrity but also a “16-year-old sage” as Perez Hilton puts it.

Jaden Smith is wearing a dress because gender is a man-made social construct anyway http://t.co/STQ82hCTma pic.twitter.com/p3HUggJhdO

— DETAILS (@DETAILS) April 10, 2015

Smith’s tweets were also described as “strange, interesting and nonsensical.” However, despite the peculiarity of Smith’s wisdom, the online source wrote that they “simply can’t get enough.” “Between his odd use of capitalization and his tendency to speak like a prophet, Jaden knows how to leave the internet entirely perplexed yet wanting more,” Perez Hilton said.

Recently, Smith has gotten flack for breaking fashion norms by wearing a girl’s dress. He even posted a photo on Instagram that shows him shopping for some “girl clothes.” In the picture, the young actor took a mirror selfie of him wearing a striped dress over a pair of pants.

jaden smith dress

The actor’s choice of clothes elicited mixed reactions. There were others who were okay with Smith’s adventurous choice. However, some critics remained unforgiving. GQ, for one, believed that a boy wearing a dress is definitely a big no-no.

On the other hand, Smith was not bothered by the criticism against him and his dress. He coolly responded to the numerous blasts by taking to Twitter. On his account, the actor posted a link of the GQ article and captioned it with, “Swoosh.” The actor’s response was simply one word but like the rest of his witty tweets, Smith’s reaction had everyone wondering.

In an article, Cosmopolitan tried to decode the actor’s cryptic response. They wrote, “Though no one can ever be 100 percent sure about the meaning of Jaden’s tweets, it’s probably safe to interpret this one as him making the “whatever” sign with his hands.”

While people are racking up their brains over the issue of Smith’s dress, there are some who have indulged themselves in being inspired by the young actor’s tweets. Smith’s Twitter feed is filled with posts about anything under the sun. His tweets range from facing the stresses of social media to wise guy advice.

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