Unlike ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition,’ BioWare Doesn’t Have Any Plans To Bring Past ‘Dragon Age’ Titles To Xbox One, PS4

While BioWare developed the third installment of their popular Dragon Age franchise across multiple console generations, the team isn’t actively looking at the possibility of porting the first two entries of the Dragon Age series to current-gen platforms at this time. Despite the recent trend which has seen older gaming series receive new releases on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with updated features and visuals, the Dragon Age team isn’t working to port the franchise’s older title’s to new consoles, at least not yet.

The fantasy series’ executive producer, Mark Darrah, confirmed on his personal Twitter account that that BioWare isn’t currently pursuing the idea of re-releasing either Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2 on the new-gen platforms. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen, but Darrah did note that such an endeavor would require a lot of work which means it’s not something they would merely do on a whim.

“No current plans. I guess you never can say never but it would be a big job.”

While there won’t be new versions of previous Dragon Age titles coming to current-gen consoles any time soon, PC fans can pick up the first two Dragon Age games at as part of the Electronic Arts Humble Bundle. PC Gamerreports that the Origin Bundle features several EA titles, including BioWare’s own Mass Effect 2.

Humble Bundle
The Humble Origin Bundle 2

The sales bundle also includes many other games, such as Dead Space 2 and Plans Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, among others. More games are planned to be added to the bundled offering later in the week.

In addition to wondering if there are any plans to ever bring the earlier entries of the Dragon Age franchise to the Xbox One and PS4, Bioware fans may also be curious about when new features will be released for the series’ most recent installment. As the Inquisitrreported last week, Mark Darrah recently confirmed that the next patch for Dragon Age: Inquisition will finally bring the Black Emporium to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The free update will give Dragon Age players the ability to alter their characters in-game appearance and is expected to become available next month for all platforms. Also scheduled to launch in May, the first DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition will release on the PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Would you have any interest in buying updated versions of previous Dragon Age games on current-gen consoles?

[Images via BioWare, Twitter]