Kate Winslet’s Boobs ‘Just Keep Getting Bigger’

Kate Winslet admits that playing Sabine De Barra in A Little Chaos while pregnant was a greater challenge than she had anticipated. At the time of filming, Ms. Winslet was pregnant with Bear, her now 15-month-old son, and squeezing into her character’s corset grew more and more difficult as her breasts swelled.

“All I can say is being pregnant and wearing a corset is hilarious — because there’s nothing you can do about the boobs. There they are! And they just keep getting bigger, and you keep trying to squash them into… just into another place, because they don’t even go down any more, you just try and find space under your armpits, anywhere.”

“It really is hilarious,” Kate added.

Ms. Winslet commented that she very often added accessories to her costumes to accommodate the growing proportions resulting from her pregnancy, which included taking donations from extras on the set.

“I’d say ‘That apron, do you mind? I’m actually going to take that to be part of my costume today!’ It was really very funny.”

It was a common headache for the production team to continually expand her costumes as well, Kate admitted. There were times, Ms. Winslet said, that her outfits had to be let out and resewn on a daily basis.

In spite of her wardrobe issues, Kate Winslet said that she enjoyed working on an English period film after 10 years of acting in American movies.

Kate added that, unlike her character in A Little Chaos, she no longer cares about the fame and attention that comes along with acting. Ms, Winslet, who will be 40 years old in October, feels that the need for popularity was something she outgrew, when she matured beyond her twenties. Winslet feels that, as she’s aged, she finds that other aspects of her life have become more important than Hollywood gossip and fame.

“And when you’ve gone through childbirth as well, you really do learn to just exist within yourself, and not care what people say.”

Following the birth of Bear, Ms. Winslet went on record denying the benefits of post-pregnancy diets and weight management procedures. Much like her overall opinion of her celebrity status, Kate also shies away from any attention she might have received for quickly losing that baby weight.

A Little Chaos, directed by Alan Rickman, is a romantic comedy about two landscape artists (Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts) who become romantically involved when they are both commissioned to work on the garden at King Louis XIV’s palace in Versailles. A Little Chaos opens in theaters on Friday, April 17.

[Featured image: Kate Winslet Photo courtesy of Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment]