Did Ashley Pegram Meet Foul Play? Case Similar To Lauren Spierer Disappearance

Authorities in South Carolina are looking for 28-year-old Ashley Pegram. The Summerville mother was last seen approximately 11 days ago, but her disappearance is only now getting media attention. To make matters worse, the circumstances of her disappearance are downright suspicious. Did this woman meet some kind of foul play, or is her disappearance the result of copious alcohol consumption? WBTW News reports that authorities aren’t ruling anything out with this immediately alarming case.

Pegram reportedly last had contact with a man that she’d met on the smartphone app Kik, which is used for communication and hooking-up. She was witnessed on the night of April 3 riding in a vehicle with the man that she’d met. This person has not yet been identified in media reports, but he drives a slate-blue 2005 Sonata, and authorities appear to be suspicious of him. In fact, authorities have been quoted as saying that foul play is a “definite possibility” in the context of Ashley Pegram’s disappearance.

ABC News affiliate Charleston News 4 reports that the Summerville woman was reported missing by her sister when she did not return home from her date, and did not return any attempts at contacting her. When the sister reached out to the man, he did not give her an easy-to-swallow answer. The mystery date reportedly claimed that Ashley was heavily intoxicated to the point that he had to kick her out of his vehicle and end their date. However, no sighting of Ashley Pegram has been reported since she was last seen in the man’s vehicle on the night of their date.

Authorities with the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office have confirmed that they are investigating the unidentified man’s possible involvement with her disappearance, but so far no arrest has been reported and no evidence against this person has been publicized. What remains is the fact that Ashley Pegram is still missing and it’s been nearly two weeks since anyone has seen or heard from her.

This case shares similarities with another disappearance. Lauren Spierer vanished back in 2011 after she had been hanging out with friends. The last couple of young men to see the missing coed claimed that she was intoxicated and walking home, alone, barefooted. However, surveillance footage showed Lauren throughout the night so intoxicated that she had to be carried by the men. Her disappearance remains unsolved.

Authorities are asking for help from the public in locating this missing woman. Ashley Nicole Pegram stands at approximately 5’1″ and weighs around 140 lbs. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. When she was last seen, the night of her disappearance, she was wearing a black shirt with denim jeans and black sparkly flip-flops. If you know anything about this disappearance, or if you think you’ve seen her or something related to her case, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities at the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office (843) 832-0333. You can also anonymously call Crime Stoppers with information at (843) 554-1111.

[Photo: Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office]