Supreme Court: Colorado College Students Can Carry Concealed Guns On Campus

James Johnson

Students in Colorado will be able to pack heat during the school day thanks to a ruling handed down by the state Supreme Court on Monday.

According to the Denver Post the justices involved in the case issued the unanimous decision, stating that the school's board of regents had overstepped its bounds in barring licensed concealed weapons.

Concealed weapons are permitted under Colorado state law and following the verdict James Manley, a conservative legal foundation head said of the decision "we're very, very happy."

The main issue surrounded Colorado's 2003 Concealed Carry Act which gives a gun owner permission to carry a concealed weapon if they have the proper permit for the weapon. The laws wording specifically states that the weapon can be carried "in all areas of the state" except for K-12 schools, certain federal properties and buildings with security checkpoints already in place such as courthouses and airports.

The lawsuit was filed by three students who fought against Colorado University's anti-gun rule. The case was first dismissed at the district court level but than upheld on appeal.

According to Mr. Manley his clients "will now be able to exercise their constitutional rights to carry on campus."

In the meantime 22 states ban the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses while Utah's own concealed carry act explicitly forbids banning those same concealed weapons on it's 10 public college campuses.

Do you think college students in Colorado should be allowed to conceal and carry guns or should they leave them at home or in their dorms?