June 29, 2017
Female Dallas CEO Says Women Should Not Be President, Cites Hormones And Biblical Reasons

A female CEO in Dallas, Texas has spurred controversy after she said that women shouldn't be presidents, citing different hormones and Biblical reasoning.

Cheryl Rios, CEO of Dallas marketing and public relations firm Go Ape Marketing, revealed in a Facebook post that she would move to Canada if Hillary Clinton was voted in as president of the United States.

"If this happens – I am moving to Canada," Rios wrote, according to CBS affiliate DFW.

"There is NO need for her as she is not the right person to run our country – but more importantly a female shouldn't be president. Let the haters begin... but with the hormones we have there is no way we should be able to start a war. Yes I run my own business and I love it and I am great at it BUT that is not the same as being the President, that should be left to a man, a good, strong, honorable man."
Rios' post has caught the attention of people all across the country. CBS 11's Steve Pickett spoke with Rios about her post and she said she stands behind what she said. She claims she supports "equal rights" but doesn't think that a woman would be a good fit for president.

"I believe in what I said," she told Pickett. "There's an old biblical sound reasoning why a woman shouldn't be President."

"We're built differently, we have different hormones," she added. "In the world we live in, we have equal rights…and I support all of that. I don't support a woman being President."

After the extensive backlash Cheryl received, she took to Twitter to make one final comment about her original post, according to MSN News.
"Will say this and leave it at that. I believe in what I believe. In this great country we are allowed our own opinions. Mine may be something you don't agree with, and so be it. I am old fashioned, I am Christian and believe what I have said."

"I didn't say that women should be abused, or that they are stupid or can't be lawyers, doctors or run successful businesses, I fully know and support that they can as I have done that. I mentioned one position only the Head of our government, the Head of State, the Commander in Chief, the President."

"With that, please stop the nastiness as it wasn't meant in that light. Peace, Love and Happiness."

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[Photo via Twitter/GoApe]