Bouncer Set On Fire After He Kicks A Man Out Of Bar, Incident Caught On Video [Video]

A patron of Neely’s Grog house located in Port St. Lucie, Florida set a bouncer on fire after being kicked out of the bar for failing to pay for his drinks. The entire incident was caught on the bar’s surveillance videos. There was a short discussion with the suspect prior to forcefully removing him from the establishment. It wasn’t long until the the suspect returned and threw a cup of gasoline onto the bouncer before setting him on fire. From within the bar, a flash of bright light signaled something was wrong and patrons and employees inside rushed out to assist.

The video may be considered too graphic for some viewers.

According to NBC News, the suspect attempted to pay for his drinks with check, which the bar staff refused, worried that the check may bounce. The suspect, 45-year-old Ivan Louis Rodriguez, was asked to pay with cash or a credit card because he had a history of bouncing checks in the bar. Instead of visiting an ATM — it is unknown if he had a debit card on him — Rodriguez attempted to win money by gambling at pool.

Bouncers attempted to stop Rodriguez from gambling at the billiards tables and an argument ensued, resulting in his removal from the premises.

Ivan Louis Rodriquez, 45
Ivan Louis Rodriquez, 45

Rodriguez was upset and left the premises for a short time. He soon returned with a cup of gasoline in his hands. Headline News reported that a scuffle ensued when Rodriguez returned and he threw the cup of gasoline onto a bouncer. Rodriguez fled the scene, chased closely behind by the bouncer and a patron of the bar. During a short scuffle, Rodriquez lit the bouncer’s gasoline soaked clothing on fire with his lighter and quickly fled in his 1998 white Chevrolet pick-up truck.

The bouncer sustained serious burns from the incident upon his face, chest, and arms. He was airlifted to a Miami hospital for treatment.

The bouncer’s name was revealed to be Brian Johnston and there are no current updates as to the extent of his injuries, although he is expected to recover. Ivan Rodriguez is currently wanted for questioning in his part of the assault. Police are asking anyone with any knowledge of his whereabouts to contact them with his location. When found, police officials expect to charge him with aggravated battery.

[Photo Courtesy: Sky News]