Nicholas Soukeras’ Baby Name Idea Is ‘Spyridon,’ Battle With Wife Results In Online Petition

Nicholas Soukeras’ baby name battle with his wife has reached epic proportions only seen in Greek plays. Nicholas thinks he should be able to name his unborn baby Spyridon, but his wife, Kseniya, thinks that name is more ancient than the Parthenon and would prefer something easier on the tongue like Michael.

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Yes, normally married couples may have bouts of indecision in relation to their baby name ideas, and they may go to friends and family for advice. But Nicholas Soukeras’ baby name fight was taken to a whole new level by involving the entire internet by launching an online petition. He wants to name his firstborn son “Spyridon” after the petitioner’s father, Spyridon Hristos Soukeras, but his wife believes this idea is “archaic, base, bereft of elegance and unsuitable for a child living in 21st century America.”

But Nicholas claims that Spyridon actually does have some modern day connections.

“Had President Nixon resigned a mere ten months earlier, in fact, the 38th President of the United States would have been Spyridon Theodoros Agnew… Additionally, the current President of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, can claim that his paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin. . . was the personal chef to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin himself,” he claims, declaring that being named Michael would be shortened to Mischa by his Russian-speaking wife. This would be tantamount to naming his first born after B-list Hollywood stars.

Mr. Soukeras says he will concede defeat to his wife if he does not reach 100,000 signatures, which is the approximate population of his hometown Maladzyechna in Belarus. Nicholas has already managed to garner 3,125 signatures as of this publishing, and he has until the due date of August to raise the remainder. He also says that if his firstborn child happens to be female, then his wife gets to have all the rights for the baby name ideas.

Of course, Nicholas Soukeras’ baby name petition is only done half-seriously, as he admitted himself.

“The petition was really meant as a joke in the beginning,” Nicholas told ABC News. “I’ve been having this name battle with my wife since before we were married. Now, we are fighting about it, not every night, but certainly very often as the due date grows closer. So I came up with the petition as a way to make her laugh and make some friends laugh.”

But his wife does not think the baby name battle is just a joke.

“The argument is serious — it’s not a joke,” Kseniya says according to the NY Post, with Nicholas adding. “There are nights we’re bickering about it back and forth and we won’t talk to each other.”

What do you think about Nicholas Soukeras’ baby name idea? Do you think Spyridon a good name for a child, or should the father concede defeat now?

[Image via Brigitte Stelzer/NY Post]