Jon Gosselin’s DJ Job Is How Kate Gosselin’s Ex-Husband Is Surviving In 2015 With His Low Net Worth

With Kate Gosselin living relatively high on the hog after the divorce, Jon Gosselin’s DJ job is the only way Kate’s ex-husband is able to survive. But exactly why is Jon working jobs as a DJ when he used to make so much money as a reality TV star?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it is being claimed that Kate’s daughters were manipulated into spying on Jon. There are even allegations of child abuse, with reports claiming that the kids have been forced to eat moldy food and stay locked in their rooms for long periods of time.

So, just how big has the gap between Kate Gosselin’s net worth and Jon Gosselin’s net worth grown since the divorce? Kate still has to support eight children despite Kate Plus 8 being disconnected from Jon, and she has to keep the money flowing in. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kate has only kept the boat afloat by seeking more reality TV shows, but so far, the well seems to be dry.

Kate’s net worth hovers around $200,000, but much of that money was probably made during the short-lived Kate Plus 8, which generated $250,000 per episode. Before the divorce, Kate and Jon Gosselin used to generated between $25,000 to $40,000 in speaking engagements, photos and autographs, and even church collection plates. Kate also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, but that $500k must have been fired down a hole since she is left with “only” $200k.

Jon Gosselin’s net worth is significantly lower, with estimates pegging him at only $10,000 despite making $22,500 per episode for all 108 episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. His jobs have varied greatly after the divorce, with Jon working as a solar panel installer in 2011 only to become a waiter for two restaurants in Pennsylvania. Jon attempted to invest his former wealth into a fashion line and his own reality TV show, but those projects came to nothing. Worse, a former employer called Securus successfully sued Jon and now he owes $1 million.

So far, Jon Gosselin’s DJ job has not treated him much better. Back in March, it was claimed he was manning the DJ booth for an audience of one person. A bowling alley appearance only netted three. But it’s said that Gosselin’s DJ work for Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City will net him a cool $20,000 per show.

“I’m really excited about all of this,” Jon told People. “When you have a business plan and it doesn’t work, you’re like, ‘Oh well.’ When you have one that does work you’re like, ‘Holy cow. It’s too good to be true.'”

Jon Gosselin’s DJ gig will not be a standalone show. He’ll be joined by DJ Koolie Kirk, who is credited with teaching him how to be a professional deejay.

“The fact that I work with an amazing tour DJ allows me to do the things I need to do at an appearance as a reality star,” said Gosselin. “That’s the hour I can go to interact with the people who paid to come see me.”

What do you think about Jon Gosselin’s DJ job? Do you think it’s fair that Kate Gosselin has so much money while he’s left swimming in debt?

[Image via McCall]