Kate Gosselin Child Abuse Allegations Leak In New Court Documents: Ex Jon Details ‘Evidence Of Abuse’

Kate Gosselin child abuse allegations are nothing new, and for the most part, the public has turned a deaf ear because of the alleged source.

Jon Gosselin, whom Kate reportedly no longer has a relationship with following their divorce and the end of their series Jon & Kate Plus 8, has been the rumored source of most of the allegations for some time.

That’s led many to believe his statements are just sour grapes, especially since Kate Gosselin has continued in the public eye with stints on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Wife Swap, while Jon’s post-reality TV career has been non-existent.

Nevertheless, new details have emerged in the child abuse accusations, so it’s obligatory to share them.

The details stem from leaked court documents in which Jon goes into more detail regarding the “evidence of abuse.”

Within the court documents (filed in 2010 but leaked Thursday), there is a “Father’s Statement of Issues” piece that sites like SheKnows and RadarOnline have seized upon.

Here’s an excerpt from Jon’s statement.

“On Tuesday, October 19, 2010, while bathing Leah, Father found large red welt on her [rear] end… Later explained that it was from Mother, after Leah bit Hannah… Several children have come forward to Father complaining that they get hurt when Mother spanks them.”

The court documents also detail how Jon “would prefer that Mother not physically discipline the children, if Mother is going to do so, she should not do so to the point of leaving marks on the children.”

And in a part written by Jon’s lawyer, it’s alleged that Kate Gosselin improperly dressed her children for inclement weather.

“Children must be properly dressed for weather… On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, Father attended field trip with Hannah, Joel, Leah, and Aaden. Boys were dressed in cowboy boots and girls were dressed in Ugg boots…. Ground was cold and wet and children slipped and got shoes dirty. Boys were dressed in pants and sweatshirt, with no undershirt or coat. It was 39 degrees that morning and children complained of being cold.”

Previous Kate Gosselin child abuse allegations have alleged that it was her son Collin, whom she targeted the most.

Kate has managed to control the allegations from a PR perspective with statements like this one concerning her relationship — or the lack thereof — with Jon.

“I don’t have [a relationship with Jon anymore]. I give the kids… some of the kids visit and some don’t and I keep the peace. That’s what I’ve always done. It’s best for the kids. I wish that things were better for the kids. It’s very clear by now that I’m just trying to preserve what relationship he has with them. I do think it’s best for them, but, you know, divorce is hard, period. But it’s really difficult when one parent is in the sabotaging mode. That’s been difficult.”

However, it’s uncertain how these newly leaked documents will paint Kate in the eyes of the public.

It is worth noting that child services have yet to see any evidence that would support removing the kids from her care. But what do you think, readers? Are the Kate Gosselin child abuse allegations false? Sound off in the comments section.

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