Twin Toddlers Drown: Mother Fends Off Bee As Toddlers’ Stroller Rolls Into Nearby Canal

Twin toddlers drown in a tragic yet bizarre story out of Arizona. According to Gawker, the twins were in a stroller that was being pushed by their mother when she stopped to ward off a bee. As she is trying to get the bee away from her, the stroller ends up getting away from her and rolling into a nearby canal. The mother jumped in the canal after her little ones, but the current was too strong, and the stroller was basically swallowed up. The 18-month-old twin boys both died.

“Many people typically do not comprehend how swift the current in these canals are and how deep the water can be. They also do not realize how difficult it is to climb back up many of the canal embankments,” police said in a statement.

The twin toddlers drowned on Saturday. It took about an hour for rescuers to find the stroller and the bodies, which were airlifted to a nearby hospital… but it was too late. According to CBS News, police are currently investigating, but they do believe that this was just an accident. There were people around when the incident happened, though it is unclear if anyone actually saw what happened.

“The area along the canal is used by families for walks and by joggers and a family member was nearby when the boys ended up in the water.”

A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money that will assist the family with funeral costs. There is a viewing scheduled for this evening followed by a Rosary mass. The funeral for the boys will be held tomorrow. There has been over $25,000 raised since the account was set up, and donations are still pouring in as this tragic story goes viral.

Another “twin toddlers drown” story made headlines back in February. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 15-month-old girls were found unresponsive in the bathtub inside a family’s Texas home. At the time, the children’s mother, uncle, and 3-year-old brother were at home. As investigators worked to figure out what happened to the little girls, they removed the 3-year-old from the mother’s custody. Those who knew the family believed that the mother “made a mistake,” and that this was just an unfortunate accident.

“She’s a good mother, she made a mistake but we all make mistakes, this one had a tragic ending,” said family friend, Judy Poston.

[Photo via GoFundMe]