Hillary Clinton 2016: Clinton Support Not Certain, As Like-Minded Democrat Mayor And Others Not Endorsing Hillary

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 presumptive presidential nominee, has had a rocky start to her campaign. However, many on Democrat side tend to feel that it is simply a Republican, Conservative, or Tea party critique, and that the majority on the left side of the aisle support her candidacy.

Not unlike her 2008 presidential run, there are hold-outs to Hillary Clinton's 2016 ambitions, and surprisingly, one of the detractors is a close friend. With the primary elections getting closer and no other front-runner in site, you would think she would have the support of the whole party. However, You can count New York Mayor Bill De Blasio among the unsupportive.

According to the New York Post, Bill De Blasio stated as much in a sit down with NBC's Meet The Press.

"I need to see any actual vision of where [candidates] want to go. . . We need to see the substance.''
Mayor De Blasio is known in political circles for being a long-time Hillary and Bill Clinton friend and even supported her 2000 senatorial bid. CNN reports that a De Blasio "confidante", who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said it should come as no surprise that the Democrat Mayor would not endorse a candidate just yet.

The source told CNN that Mayor Bill De Blasio is "focused" on "income inequality," which he feels "2016 candidates need to address." It is a curious choice of words, but nevertheless, not all of his fellow Democrats are supportive of his position, some are more public in their ire at the New York Democrat. David Paterson, former New York governor and current State Democratic party chair, also took a shot at De Blasio's uncertain endorsement of Clinton.

"When you know someone is running for president, I would think you would have [your endorsement] resolved by the time it's announced."
Even though a New York Post "Democrat insider" stated that De Blasio received "furious texts" and "furious calls," Politico reports that Bill De Blasio stated that his Meet The Press comments are what he has been saying all along, and has also said to Hillary and the Clinton team. De Blasio is looking for a candidate that will support "progressive taxation, raising wages and benefits, investment in infrastructure and education, the willingness to tax the wealthy."

New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D) agrees with De Blasio and wishes to hear where Hillary Clinton stands on issue that are "important to large numbers of New Yorkers." The New York Post notes that Jeffries endorsed and supported then Senator Obama in 2008 over Hillary Clinton, and also indicated that he is waiting to see if Governor Cuomo or Joe Biden joins the 2016 race.

There has been plenty of talk from plenty of 2016 potentials, such as Vice President Joe Biden, as the Inquistr has reported.

[Image Via Creative Commons/Wikimedia]