Chris Brown And Karrueche: Could Marriage Save Their Relationship?

Chris Brown is determined as ever to get back with Karrueche Tran, but she doesn’t appear to want anything to do with him. Still, that isn’t stopping him from trying. The embattled singer hasn’t had much luck with women, but Karrueche was the most consistent partner he’s had over the course of his career. If he blows it with her completely, then could he eventually ever move on to someone new? He’s not entertaining that question, according to the latest gossip, because he has a plan that he thinks will win Kae back for good. International Business Times reports that he wants to pop the big question in hopes of persuading her back into his life.

Hollywood Life reports that Brown intends on asking Kae to marry him on her 27th birthday — something he’d been planning to do since before they broke up. She’ll be turning 27 in approximately a month, just days after Chris turns 26.

A source reportedly close to the two of them told HL that Kae has wanted to get married for a while, but will she really be willing to get back with Brown over the idea of marriage? The source thinks that Karrueche has sent some sort of signals to Brown via her interview for OWN.

“Chris doesn’t want to lose this girl. She’s by far the most impressive woman he’s had a relationship with in his entire life. He’s been watching, and re-watching her interview and one thing keeps on sticking out to him: her wiggling her ring finger and saying she’d marry him.”

Karrueche publicly dumped Chris over Twitter after it was revealed to the world — and her — that he secretly fathered a child with Nia Amey. She’s been putting the pieces of her life together sans Brown, and has shown that she’s completely happy with her decision. She’s still reportedly ignoring his calls and other attempts at contacting her, and even reportedly blew him off during an awkward run-in at a Coachella party. Chris Brown is certainly going to be taking a huge risk if he does intend on asking her to marry him.

Do you think a marriage proposal will fix Chris Brown’s broken relationship with Karrueche Tran? The two of them have had a publicly troubled relationship with his infidelity and her accused infidelity (he accused her of sleeping with Drake). He even tried to secretly juggle an affair with Rihanna while dating her at the same time. Karrueche has expressed that he caused her so much heartache and drama that you’d think he’d just let her heal.

[Photo: Instagram via Vibe]