TSA Male Agent Fired For Placing His Palm On Groins, Buttocks Of Male Travelers He Found Cute [Video]

There’s a shocking story coming out of Denver, as reported by CBS, which uncovers how TSA screeners at Denver International Airport admit to rigging their system in order to use it to fondle male passengers going through the security checkpoints.

As seen in video renditions of Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at the airport, certain male travelers whom the now-fired TSA agent found attractive were subjected to groping in the area of their genitals. That male TSA agent wasn’t the only one fired because of the sexual incident. His female TSA colleague, a woman who worked in cahoots with him in order to alert the system falsely that a female was passing through the security machine in order to set off a false alarm and force the man to have a hand pat down, was also fired.

The two conspired to conduct such sexual groping on approximately 12 separate occasions, and the TSA didn’t learn of the activities until November 18, 2014, when they received a tip from an anonymous source about the groping going on. Three months later — on February 9, 2015 — investigations into the accusations began, when Chris Higgins — a TSA manager in the security area — viewed the actions of the male and female TSA screeners who had been accused of inappropriately conspiring to allow the male TSA agent to grope male passengers.

According to police, it was at around 9:25 a.m. when the supervisor saw the TSA male agent signal to the TSA female agent and cause a specific man’s scanner reading to alert as an anomaly, because the woman pressed the button indicating that a female was passing through, not a man.

That’s when the TSA supervisor observed the TSA male agent patting down the man he found attractive with an open palm to his butt and crotch region, something that the TSA rules do not allow. Ultimately, the female TSA accomplice confessed her guilt — yet the man who flew Southwest Airlines and got fondled wasn’t named, and even though TSA has the incident on video, the TSA says he has not been identified.

As reported by the Inquisitr, a TSA agent recently came under fire for stalking a woman who was a co-worker and taking various photos of her in the bathroom.

According to the Denver Post, the two fired TSA agents in Denver have not been named, nor have any charges been filed in the groping incidents that included about one dozen male travelers.

[Image via Denver Post]