Pauley Perrette: Cookbook Released By ‘NCIS’ Actress Inspired By Her Late Mother

Pauley Perrette released a cookbook, and her late mother is the inspiration. According to WebProNews, Perrette released Donna Bell’s Bake Shop: Recipes and Stories of Family, Friends, and Food, which is named after her bake shop (she is the co-owner) in Manhattan — something that some fans didn’t even know existed.

Perrette opened the bakeshop after meeting Darren Greenblatt. Darren would often visit Pauley and her mom, and her mom (Donna) would always make some delicious southern treats for them. Not long after, the two decided that they wanted to bring these treats to the public, so they went into business together, joining up with another pal, Matthew Sandusky.

“With recipes for favorites like buttermilk biscuits, chocolate chip-almond scones, and peach streusel muffins; personal photographs from Pauley, Darren, Matthew, and Donna Bell herself; this is the story how one fantastic bake shop brings warmth and happiness—one treat at a time—to the urban jungle that is New York City.”

Pauley Perrette’s cookbook comes 13 years after her mom passed away from breast cancer. According to Entertainment Tonight, Pauley is extremely passionate about her cooking, and she really wanted to keep her mother’s memory alive in this way. She says that she spent many years at home with her mom in the kitchen whilst growing up, and that memory always stuck with her. Her mom’s recipes are a delight, and people really seem to love popping in to Donna Bell’s whenever they are in the city.

“We had this idea and put together this bake shop in homage to her so it is very southern. And it’s right in the middle of Manhattan.”

Pauley Perrette’s cookbook is getting great reviews so far, and fans are really excited to buy a copy. The actress doesn’t make headlines too often, but when she does, people tend to want to know what’s going on in her life. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Perrette landed in the emergency room last July when she had an allergic reaction to hair dye.

“Pauley broke out into a rash over her neck and scalp. She ignored the symptoms, not realizing that they were on track to get worse from there. Pauley Perrette’s most recent hair color routine landed her in the ER, with a rash and severe swelling.”

NCIS airs on Tuesday nights on CBS. Season 12 has been great so far, and fans are really enjoying it.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]