Customer Requests ‘Cutest Delivery Boy’ To ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ — Delivery Boy Stunned When He Arrives

A pizza delivery chain received a strange request from a customer last week, who asked for the restaurant to send their “cutest delivery boy.” The order was already unusual, but when the pizza delivery boy showed up at the customer’s house, he found a heartbreaking surprise.

According to Fox News, the “cutest delivery boy” request was made to Pizza My Heart, a chain based in Northern California. The mysterious customer ordered a delivery in Menlo Park for a medium Maui Wowie pizza, which has ham and pineapple, and a Figgy Piggy, which has bacon, black figs, sage and feta cheese. But the order came with very specific instructions.

“Send your cutest delivery boy,” the request read. “Tell me I’m pret [sic]”

The instructions cut off half way through the word “pretty” due to character limitations on the online order form. According to the Daily Mirror, the “cutest delivery boy” that Pizza My Heart selected to carry out the order was not entirely surprised by the request, saying that he’s had strange orders from college girls before.

“I’ve had orders like this before so I was expecting a group of college girls,” the so-called cutest delivery boy said.

Expecting a crazy party of drunken students, the delivery boy took the two pizzas to the address; but his expectations were entirely wrong. There were no college girls, but there was a party. A birthday party for a single older woman. She had set up party decorations for herself but had no other guests to join her in the celebration. The customer had requested the “cutest delivery boy” to cheer her up on her birthday.

“When I arrived there was no group, just one girl.”

The delivery boy followed through with the lonely woman’s request. He wished her a happy birthday and decided to stay with her for a bit. The customer explained that nobody showed up for the party she threw and invited the “cutest delivery boy” in for a piece of cake, which he accepted. The two of them ended up talking for over an hour.

“We laughed and talked the whole time, as I was leaving I gave her a hug and told her she was pretty,” said the delivery boy.

Despite being reprimanded for taking so long to deliver the pizza, the employee claims he doesn’t regret talking with the lonely customer. He said the long delivery was worth the warning.

[Image from Stomp via Twitter]