Haley Fox Finally Met Her Online Boyfriend After Two Years — And Gave Him An Unpleasant Surprise

Haley Fox, 24, did what many young people seeking romance and relationships do in the modern age — she looked for love online. But as her long-distance boyfriend Samuel Campbell, who lived in Alabama (about 3,000 miles away from his lady love’s home in Oregon), found out, internet love affairs still carry some unexpected hazards.

In the case of this star-crossed couple, Campbell wound up in the hospital lucky to be alive, needing staples in his head to close up his gruesome wounds — and Haley Fox ended up under arrest.

Here’s what happened — according to published reports out of Oregon, based on an account from the Marion County Sheriff’s office.

The couple met online back in 2013, and the long-distance lovebirds carried on what was apparently a passionate relationship for the last two years — without ever actually meeting in the flesh.

While that might seem odd, in fact it is probably not as uncommon as one might generally think in the era of the internet, when great distances can be traversed in virtual fashion instantaneously through technologies such as Skype, FaceTime and others — as well as good old fashioned email and text messaging.

But there’s still nothing like the real thing. That’s why they decided recently to meet in person — and move in together.

So Campbell made the long journey from Adger, Alabama, to Turner, Oregon, to meet Haley Fox face to actual face for the first time.

When he arrived last Wednesday at a home in rural Marion County, Oregon — a house that turned out to belong to Fox’s parents — the young woman invited her long-distance lover outside where, she said, they would sit at a small table and enjoy a glass of wine.

Fox poured Campbell the promised wine, and then — according to the police account — she told him, “Close your eyes.”

At that point Haley Fox, a former high school softball player, picked up a metal bat and bashed Samuel Campbell over the head three times.

According to the police, Fox later told them that through her experience as a softball player as well as, presumably, some additional research, she believed that “it only took seven pounds of force to break a human being’s neck.”

Campbell’s neck did not break, luckily, but he did suffer a skull fracture over his right eye and deep lacerations that required doctors to staple them shut. Nonetheless, as Fox and another woman, Jennifer Beaumont — whose role in the incident, if any, remains unclear — drove Campbell to the hospital, the lovesick man pledged not to rat out the online gal pal to the authorities.

Haley Fox reportedly told police that she smashed Campbell over the head with the bat because she wanted to break up with him. She faces first-degree assault and possibly attempted murder charges. She is represented by a lawyer, Kevin Lafky, who said, “Suffice it to say we completely disagree with the characterization of the facts that have been made by the sheriff’s office.”

[Images: Marion County Sheriff/Facebook]