Pamela Anderson and her lettuce bikini out to save roadside chimps

I am against the mistreatment of any animal for any reason as the next person. Especially when it comes to these roadside petting zoos that have become homes to many apes and chimps in Florida. I can also appreciate the fact that famous people – and semi famous – are trying to lend their name power to get things like this changed. However the idea of Pamela Anderson dressed up in a lettuce leaf bikini isn’t exactly what I would call anything more than an attention getting move for her and PETA.

One would think that the words of Betsy Stewart would be enough to see this type of animal treatment done away with

Chimps that live in the tourist attractions often are confined in very small spaces, with no interaction between them. Betsy Swart wrote an article titled Chimp Farm, after visiting a chimp ‘zoo’, “They live in the most barren and squalid conditions imaginable. They have nothing to play with — except perhaps their own faeces. “

Source: Planet Save

But I guess in our current world well placed lettuce leaves attract more attention that chimps living in squalor.