Facebook doesn’t believe it really is Mitnick

Will all the interesting press coming out about how Facebook is taking down the last of its walls around it social media fantasyland it is funny that they are still shutting down accounts of people who really are who they say they are. Especially when it comes to famous people like Kevin Mitnick who recently found himself locked out of his Facebook account. When he tried to find out why and get the problem rectified he was told that Facebook administrators didn’t believe he was the real Kevin Mitnick.

The thing is that Kevin had been using Facebook for almost two years without any problems when on February 22nd he found he couldn’t access his account. After being told that the problem was his breaking of the site’s terms of service by registering an account with a fake name

So Mitnick sent them an e-mail from his corporate e-mail account at Mitnick Security Consulting to help prove he was the real Mitnick and not any of the imposters behind the six dozen or so other “Kevin Mitnick” accounts on Facebook.

Facebook’s response? They don’t accept e-mail from an account other than the one that was used to register at Facebook, which they had already rejected as authentication when they disabled his account. Since then, they had refused to respond to his pleas until Monday.

Source: cnet news

The problem was finally fixed but only after Facebook was contacted by CNET NEWS.