Drunk California Woman Stalls Car On I-15 Freeway, Urinates, And Wanders Into Traffic [Video]

The I-15 freeway, a drunk driver, and a stalled car sound like a recipe for disaster. And that’s basically what ensued last Thursday during the wee hours of the morning.

At about 1:45 a.m. a woman’s car stalled on the freeway in the middle lanes of northbound I-15 near University Avenue in City Heights, San Diego. But, instead of panicking like most people would, she simply got out of her car, urinated, then casually meandered in and out of traffic lanes.

Her intoxication, it seemed, had cushioned the blow of how much of a dangerous situation she was in.

According to ABC10 News, with cars speeding by and almost hitting her stalled car, the woman scurried across the freeway to ask one of their photojournalists for jumper cables.

And though a motorcyclist and taxi driver attempted to help the intoxicated woman, she chose to walk back across the busy freeway to sit in her car.

Incredibly, no one was injured during the harrowing debacle – and California Highway Patrol eventually showed up and arrested the woman for drunk driving.

[Image via ABC10 News]