Your Sadness Will Never Match This Little Girl Watching Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ And Seeing Mufasa Die For The First Time

Disney has brought forth its fair share of touching and tender moments over the years with their numerous films. One of the saddest and most memorable moments comes from the 1994 hit film The Lion King, and a father recently filmed his toddler little girl watching it for the first time. Needless to say, but the video has since gone viral.

First off, if you haven’t yet seen The Lion King, there are 21-year-old spoilers ahead.

It’s clearly obvious to anyone and everyone that the saddest moment in The Lion King is the moment when Mufasa dies. Scar whispers “Long live the king” and then tosses him down into a stampede of charging wildebeests.

A man by the name of “Barles Charkley” posted a video to his Facebook page, and it’s of his little girl, Viktoria, watching The Lion King for the first time ever. The video focuses on her reaction when she sees Mufasa die, and the sadness is just too much.

“Viktoria watching Lion King for the first time, and Scar just killed Mufasa! Check out her light skin reaction.”

He calls it a “light skin reaction,” but you can tell that she’s trying to contain her sadness. She doesn’t really want a hug and doesn’t want to admit that she is sad, but it’s obvious on her face as Simba’s father dies.

The video was first posted on April 11 on Facebook, and as of Tuesday afternoon, it had been viewed more than 5.8 million times and shared over 73,000 times. The comments mostly know what the girl is feeling, and some say they almost cried just watching her.

For those that have seen The Lion King, they know exactly what part the movie is on as the Daily Mail reports.

Hans Zimmer’s dramatic score plays as the wildebeests run off into the distance and leave Mufasa laying dead on the ground. Simba walks somberly up to his dead father and tells him to wake up and even crawls under his arm.

That’s when Scar butts in and blames it all on young Simba, who ends up running away sad and afraid. For the rest, you really just need to watch the film, but prepare to have the same reaction that Viktoria had.

Her dad can be heard asking if she wants a hug, and the video ends as she sadly walks over to him with tears streaming down her face. There’s a very good chance that this little girl’s reaction could be your reaction as well when Mufasa dies in Disney’s The Lion King.

[Image via YouTube]