Ben & Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Cones Today

If it’s Tuesday, April 14, then today is the day for free ice cream cones from Ben & Jerry’s, as reported by the Inquisitr back on March 17 when Instagram account first uploaded a tasty photo of a delectable looking chocolate ice cream scoop. That’s when Ben & Jerry’s first tempted ice cream fans with their “Free Cone Day,” which has now arrived on April 14, one day before the tax deadline.

The Ben & Jerry’s website spills all the delicious details about their free ice cream cone day, which runs from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on April 14. They also have a search box called the Ben & Jerry’s “Scoop Shop” that will help people input their zip codes in order to find their nearest Ben & Jerry’s store, and more information about how to contact the store to make sure they are one of the participating Ben & Jerry’s stores that’s giving away free ice cream.

“Free Cone Day is coming April 14th! We think our fans are awesome, so since 1979 we’ve been thanking fabs like you with FREE ice cream all around the world!”

The fact that Ben & Jerry’s is giving away free ice cream at its hundreds of locations, as reported by CNN Money, also provides a good opportunity for the shop to get extra good press, seeing as though they are urging folks to use the #FreeConeDay hashtag to publish Instagram photos of their free goodies.

“Share your #FreeConeDay with us on Instagram.”

According to the below video from Ben & Jerry’s about their free cone day, it appears folks are getting back in line and getting more than one free cone, even if that’s not necessarily part of the rules.

[Image via Ben & Jerry’s]