WWE News: Backstage Update On Finn Balor’s Debut On The WWE Main Roster

The WWE Universe had to endure another episode of WWE Raw without Finn Balor on their television screen. It’s almost like his debut on the main roster is comparable to the debut of the Shield three years ago. It was only a matter of time before Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns would debut on the main roster. Thus, Survivor Series 2012 hit and the rest became history.

It’s not so much that the WWE fans are wondering when he’ll debut, but the WWE is doing a great job at teasing the WWE Universe. Yesterday on Twitter, Finn Balor put up a picture of him on stage, while asking Vince McMahon of last night was the night.

Balor is getting in on the fun during the WWE’s European tour. If Balor were to debut anywhere, London made the most sense. The crowd was hot last night and it certainly showed for Neville, Cesaro, Bad News Barrett and Paige. Even though the aforementioned WWE superstars were from England, the “marks” cheered for the “mark favorites.” Balor is one of those favorite wrestlers.

The WWE fans want answer as to when Balor will debut on the WWE’s main roster. According to Wrestling News Source, he was supposed to debut once before, but the WWE officials didn’t pull the trigger on Finn Balor.

“WWE officials reportedly thought about having him debut along with Neville and the Lucha Dragons the night after WrestleMania. No word on why they decided against it.”

“The word going around is that Balor will be on the main roster in the near future. Kevin Owens is expected to keep the NXT Championship for quite a while so Balor isn’t in line for a reign with the NXT Title. And it’s also been well-documented that part of Balor’s deal when he first signed with WWE was that he would not be kept in NXT for very long.”

After Neville’s debut a few weeks ago, the inevitable debut of Finn Balor is a huge discussion backstage. He’s already one of the most-over wrestlers on the roster and can talk, as well as put on a 5-star match. Balor’s matches with Hideo Itami were both spectacles.

The list of opponents for Balor is endless, as most can work with him in the ring. If WWE officials want to utilize his attributes and pair him with Neville or Rollins, then gold will be produced. However, Balor can carry a match too, so a bout with Ryback or the Big Show could easily be done. Needless to say, when Balor debuts on the WWE’s main roster, expect fireworks.

[Image via youtube.com]