WWE News: Seth Rollins On Which WWE NXT Talent He’d Liked To Face For The WWE Title

Seth Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight champion and finally brought back the belt to WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown. He’s the first fighting-champion on WWE programming since Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton prior to that. Even though Brock Lesnar was a fantastic WWE champion, but not seeing the physical belt often took a toll on WWE television.

Either way, Rollins is gearing up for a great run as WWE champion. In a recent interview with Independent.co.uk, the WWE champion spoke on many topics, such as who he’d like to face from WWE NXT and the answer may surprise the WWE Universe.

“Probably Sami Zayn. He’s a guy who is one of the most resilient performers that we’ve ever seen, and he’s got an incredible connection with the audience.

“No offence to Finn Balor but he doesn’t need a crazy entrance and body paint, he doesn’t have all the wild athleticism that Neville has, he doesn’t necessarily have the wits about him that a Kevin Owens does, or the fanfare of Hideo Itami, but he has that little intangible that sets him apart from everybody else.”

Rollins has a great point with Sami Zayn and his ability to get over with the crowd on a nightly basis. Of course, there’s a difference between the WWE NXT arena at Full Sail University. The places the WWE main roster travels to have over 15,000 fans in it nightly. Last night at the O2 Arena in London, England, they packed nearly 17,000 WWE fans for WWE Raw.

A potential feud between Zayn and is very possible in the future. It’s very realistic to have Rollins feud with all of the aforementioned WWE NXT superstars. Within the next year and a half, all of them will be on WWE’s main roster. One man that is rumored to be up soon is Finn Balor.

Unfortunately, he was not on last night’s WWE Raw, or last week’s either. Nobody in the WWE Universe knows what Vince McMahon and the WWE officials are waiting for. In London, the U.K. crowd would’ve erupted if Balor’s music hit for Dolph Ziggler’s open challenge. Then again, Neville was superb against the former-amateur wrestling champion.

For Sami Zayn to come up to WWE’s main roster, he’d have to lose to Kevin Owens in a fitting fashion to end his WWE NXT career. Zayn helped build WWE NXT, along with wrestlers like Neville and Charlotte. Just like when Bray Wyatt left WWE NXT for the last time, it was like losing a friend to another state. Zayn has a deep connection with the WWE Universe and that’s exactly what Seth Rollins is talking about.

[Image via twitter.com]