Eric Price: Marine Veteran Shoots His Wife & Mother Of Son To Death In An Alabama Doctor’s Office

In a chilling story, Eric Heath Price, a Marine veteran, posted to Facebook that his lifetime had come to a close. After his post, chaos erupted, and he shot his wife to death.

Nothing could have prepared Eric’s wife for the catastrophe that ensued on April 13, 2015. While enduring a grueling custody battle with Price for their son, Leaj Price ended up in a heated argument with Eric while their son was at school.

Though several witnesses were around, it didn’t stop Price from doing what he sought out to do.

Eric Heath Price - Marine Veteran - Shoots Wife In Head In Doctor's Office
Credits: Facebook

After posting his “good-byes” to Facebook, Eric’s wife saw real danger for her life, causing her to seek immediate help. The Prices lived next door to a doctor’s office, says Daily Mail Online. And that’s where Leaj decided to run for security.

She pleaded with witnesses to call the police. However, regardless of the location or professionals trying to help Eric’s wife, he still found a way to come in and shoot her, reportedly in the head.

One witness, Jose Arreola, was across the street at his job and says that he saw the whole thing. He told a local news source as follows.

“The guy was trying to get her. The doctors came out to help her but he pulled a gun and shot her. She was laying there a long time.”

Once shot, Eric returned to his residence. Soon enough, police arrived on the scene, and Price began a standoff with them lasting hours. The local news source indicates as follows.

“About 40 police officers and sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene after receiving a 911 call at 9:17 a.m. reporting a shooting at the office of Dr. Jayprakash Patel’s in the 2400 block of U.S. 31. The highway was shut down south of County Road 42.”

Eventually, authorities were able to remove Eric from the house with tear gas. Before he surrendered, he attempted to kill himself by self-inflicting a gunshot wound to his head. However, he was unsuccessful.

Once in custody, Price was taken to nearby University of Alabama-Birmingham hospital. There’s currently no update on his condition. Yet, police are standing guard and awaiting his release. After Eric is released, he will be taken to Chilton County Jail.

One of Eric Price’s relatives mentioned that he was known to have some problems in the past, but none of them were domestic violence.

“He doesn’t have a history of any legal violence or anything like that. We knew that he has had some issues in the past, but we didn’t expect this.”

Some skeptics, because he’s a Marine veteran, are automatically chalking it up to PTSD. However, can one really point that as the cause? From his posts, it seemed planned and thought-out, no?

Eric Heath Price - Marine Veteran - Shoots Wife In Head In Doctor's Office II
Credits: Facebook

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