Catelynn Lowell On Strained Relationship With Carly’s Adoptive Parents: It’s A ‘Work In Progress’

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were seen dealing with a social media dispute on last week’s Teen Mom OG. After Baltierra shared a collage of Carly on his Instagram page, he learned Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Theresa David, were “very upset” about the matter. One week later, Catelynn Lowell has opened up about her and Baltierra’s adoption journey.

In a video interview with OK! Magazine, via an April 13 report by Radar Online, Catelynn Lowell explained that her relationship with Carly’s adoptive parents has evolved since she learned she was pregnant with her second child (Lowell’s daughter, Novalee Reign, was born on January 1, 2015).

Because Catelynn Lowell’s second child was a full biological sister of Carly, who was born to the couple in 2009 as they filmed MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, emotions ran high, and led to tension on occasion.

“We’re trying to be open and honest with each other, but adoption is a work in progress all the time. It’s going to be smooth for a while, then you’re going to hit a bump and try to work through that, especially with Carly getting older.”

Although Catelynn Lowell and Baltierra chose adoption for Carly, they are still involved in her life, and receive regular updates about her growth. In addition, Carly will eventually get to meet her new sister, Novalee.

“I mean it’s still a little nerve-wracking, but it definitely will happen!”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Baltierra wasn’t happy with his inability to share photos of his daughter on social media, but Catelynn Lowell was more understanding of where the Davis family was coming from in not wanting Carly in the spotlight.

In a clip from last week‘s Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell explained the following.

“I don’t care if the world can’t see her. I get to, my family gets to, that’s all that matters. Why jeopardize that over something small?”

Catelynn Lowell and Baltierra have a set of guidelines, which they are expected to follow, and if they don’t, they could jeopardize their already limited time with Carly. Understandably, Lowell isn’t willing to take that risk.

Throughout Teen Mom OG, fans will follow Catelynn Lowell and her fiancé as they prepare to welcome their second child while they balance their busy film schedule with their careers. Later this season, fans will see the arrival of Novalee, as well as how the couple adjusts to having a new baby at home.

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