#OhNoNiall: Niall Horan Gets Mocked On Social Media After Humiliating Tumble

Niall Horan has been mocked for his embarrassing fall while caddying at the Masters. Everyone from Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson to Directioners has been mocking the 21-year-old for taking a tumble. In fact, they're still talking about Niall's hilarious tumble.

Unreality TV reported that some of Horan's bandmates have been publicly mocking him on social media. It's all in good fun though. Liam Payne shared a link to a video of Horan's fall on his Twitter account, making sure that Directioners were able to watch the fall again and again. Payne included the tweet: "Oh nooo, Niall."

The Irish singer responded, "T**t haha."

It's obvious that Liam Payne and Niall Horan were just having a little fun with each other. Niall appears to be in good spirits about his very public fall.

Louis Tomlinson went on social media to mock Horan's hilarious fall. He shared a repetitive Vine video with the caption, "Oooohh noooo, Niall!" It's obvious that Louis' was mocking Liam Payne's tweet who was mocking Horan's fall. Talk about a "mockception."

What caused Niall to fall? Was it the heavy golf bags? Is Niall just being his clumsy self? Nope. He blamed it on the slippery grounds in Augusta, Georgia.

Horan took to Twitter to clarify what happened, writing,"If you're walking around Augusta, don't step on the pine leaves, slippery as hell! Hahahaha! #redfaced!"

It all happened when Niall was carrying a heavy bag of clubs on his shoulder. He stood next to Northern Irish golf pro Rory McIlroy, who was talking to a Sky Sports reporter about the Masters event. All of a sudden, Niall slipped and fell face first onto the ground. The singer got back up quickly and tried to play it off, but the fall was already captured on camera. The video immediately went viral once it hit the internet.

Directioners have also been mocking Niall Horan on Twitter. They haven't gotten over his tumble. In fact, they had the hashtag #OhNoNiall trending for some time. Some included memes and GIFs with their funny tweets.

"Only Niall would fall on national TV. @NiallOfficial #OhNoNiall"

"Poor Niall. He probably thinks we're still "de best fans in de world."


"Louis: Did it hurt?

Niall: When I fell from heaven?

Louis: No, when you slipped on pine leaves on live television.



The topic has reportedly been trending worldwide on the social media site. It doesn't look like Niall will be ever get over this embarrassing moment anytime soon. The Inquisitr previously reported that Niall asked Rory Mcllroy to become the newest member of One Direction. He also reportedly heard that the pro golf player is not a great singer, so it doesn't sound too promising. Just like Rory McIlroy should stick to golfing, maybe Niall Horan should stick to singing since he has trouble carrying and using golf clubs.

[Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]