Police Looking For College Shooter Kenneth Stancil — Listed ‘Hitler’ In His Facebook Favorites

Police believe they know who was responsible for the college shooting at Wayne Community College in North Carolina that left one employee dead. According to the Associated Press, Kenneth Stancil is the primary suspect in the murder investigation. Authorities believe Stancil entered a Wayne Community College building at 8 a.m., carrying a rifle up a back staircase to the print shop where he used to work as a student. Kenneth Stancil then shot and killed his former boss, Ron Lane, who had worked at the college for 18 years.

The Inquisitr previously covered the college shooting, reporting that the school had been put on lockdown until police could locate the suspect. While Kenneth Stancil has not yet been apprehended, authorities believe he is still somewhere in North Carolina. It’s unclear if Stancil fled the campus on foot or in a vehicle. Police are searching for Kenneth Stancil using helicopters and police dogs. He has been described as a white man, five feet and 11 inches tall with a goatee and a tattoo across his left eye.

Kenneth Stancil attended Wayne Community College for at least three years, but police are unsure about whether or not he dropped out after that. The victim of the college shooting, Ron Lane, had fired Kenneth Stencil from the print shop at some point in the past. Shortly after that, the boyfriend of Ron Lane, a man named Chuck Tobin, was mysteriously reported missing.

However, According to Heavy, Stancil may not have simply been a disgruntled work-study employee enacting his revenge. Some research into Kenneth Stancil’s social media pages revealed that he considered himself an enforcer of white power. Among his favorites on his now-deleted Facebook page was the name “Hitler Adolph,” and his only listed interest was “White Pride.” In addition to the shocking social media profile, Stancil had a tattoo featuring the number “88,” which signifies “Heil Hitler.”

According to the Wayne Community College University Herald, Kenneth Stancil’s status as a “person of interest” in the college shooting was changed to a primary suspect at a press conference at 2 p.m. Monday. Investigators have obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s house and plan to carry out the search as soon as possible.

While the motives for the college shooting are still unknown, there is lots of disturbing evidence in Kenneth Stancil’s past and present life to suggest that the murder was premeditated — and possibly motivated by hate.