DJ AJ: 2-Year-Old South African Disk Jockey Wows Fans, Goes Viral [Video]

After his father allowed him to play on his laptop, two-year-old DJ AJ has become an instant Internet sensation. He is now South Africa’s youngest disk jockey.

While Oratilwe Hlongwane, or AJ as he is affectionately known, is still trying to put together words and phrases, he can easily select, mix and play music from a laptop and has become an instant viral phenomenon on the social media in South Africa.

According to NBC News, after various public performances, including a recent appearance at a shopping mall in Johannesburg, DJ AJ has even won sponsorship deals.

Before he was even born, his father Glen Hlongwane bought him an iPad, hoping to speed up his son’s education and he had plans to download various educational apps right from the start. It certainly seems to have worked and AJ’s mother credits that decision for her son’s new-found success.

The Daily Mail reports Hlongwane is a gymnastics coach and aspiring DJ himself, who had decided to download a DJ app to try out. At the age of one, DJ AJ started playing with the app and learning how to use the various gadgets.

His parents were amazed to see little DJ AJ, still wearing diapers, playing with the various sound effects and bouncing around between the songs.

Now at the great age of two years old, videos of him playing and bopping his head to the beat with the huge headphones constantly slipping off his head, have gone viral on the social media in South Africa and DJ AJ now has almost 25,000 fans on Facebook alone.

He has now been offered special appearances and sponsorship deals that other DJ’s would die for, including his own father. However, due to his extremely young age, this has brought much criticism, with some accusing his parents of abusing the child and profiting from his abilities.

His father denies this emphatically saying they will not allow DJ AJ to play at parties or in clubs.

“I’m not going to exploit my kid.”

Both Hlongwane and AJ’s mother, Refiloe Marumo, say they will never force their son to be a DJ when he grows up. Whatever he chooses to do will be his own choice, but they do believe an affinity for electronic equipment is somewhere in his future. Hlongwane said he can “see a future Bill Gates here.”

Meanwhile the social media scene and all DJ AJ’s fans can enjoy watching his very cute and talented antics on Facebook and YouTube.

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[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]