Channing Tatum May Be A Little Bit Too Good At Twerking [Video]

The Magic Mike XXL star had the crowd going crazy when he showed off his twerking skills to no other than the “Queen of Booties” herself, Jennifer Lopez

Last Sunday during the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, Channing Tatum perhaps had every girl glued to their television screens. Together with his Magic Mike XXL costars Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, and Matt Bomer, Tatum presented the “Best Scared as Sh—” award to Lopez for her performance in the thriller The Boy Next Door.

“Wait a minute, don’t go over there. Don’t go away,” Lopez told the men as she was handed the award. The group obliged and lined up beside the artist who was standing close to the microphone stand. Tatum was standing at the end of the hunky line up and was located the farthest from Lopez.

What happened next caught the Magic Mike men by surprise. Casually, Lopez asked for a dance number from the guys and while the rest of the gang stood taken aback by the artist’s daring request, Tatum was already in position. Bending his knees and with his back against the camera, Tatum belted out a booty shake that had his costars and Lopez cracking up. Even the crowd was roaring at the actor’s performance.

Tatum didn’t stop there, however. He went up to the microphone and told the actress, “Your turn.” To which the actress responded, “Maybe next time.”

Perhaps the 34-year-old actor was on a roll that night. Before he showed off his twerking skills to Lopez, he went all political and gave former First Lady Hillary Clinton a back handed compliment regarding her announcement to run for the office of the United States president. “The world is a scary place right now… women are taking over,” Tatum said.

During the event, he was also awarded for his comedic performance on 22 Jump Street.

Magic Mike is a memoir of Tatum showing his experience as a stripper before entering the world of showbiz. The sequel Magic Mike XXL is basically the continuation of the first movie and will feature Tatum and his fellow dancers going to a strippers’ convention. The plot of the sequel was inspired by the actor’s actual experiences of attending a couple of strippers’ conventions at the age of 19. Magic Mike XXL will be released in theaters on July 1.

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