Wiz Khalifa Finally Admits That He Misses Amber Rose, Via Instagram

It seems that Wiz Khalifa is feeling a bit sentimental, as he just took to Instagram possibly concerning Amber Rose. Will they finally get back together?

On April 12, 2015, in an effort to speak his mind, he expressed himself. It was vague, but many people know there’s one person who’s been on his mind, regardless of what the media could paint.

Wiz Khalifa Finally Admits That He Misses Amber Rose
Credits: Wiz Khalifa | Instagram

Khalifa, via his Instagram, states, “Only thing missing is u.” The “u” can be understood to be Amber Rose, recent wife-turned-ex. Though they’ve been back and forth in different allegations, they both seem to hint that they haven’t truly felt those ways. From Khalifa’s Twitter, it looks like he hasn’t been letting others in either.

He’s not curving others for nothing, right? Well, actually, there could be a number of reasons. However, for Khalifa-Rose’s sake, maybe it’s possible that he’s doing it with her in mind. Even Rose can be seen, from her Instagram, posting photos about Wiz often. In a recent pic, she spoke of her love, regardless of what people had to say about it.

Wiz Khalifa Finally Admits That He Misses Amber Rose II
Credits: Amber Rose | Instagram

Wiz appears to be in deep contemplation. Aside all the rumors that were spread, he might be willing to let it all go. When he gets in his zone, he tends to smoke and get tatted. Such is the case, as he just updated his Twitter again.

Khalifa’s night looks like one of ink and memories. Unfortunately, Amber is still coming around.

Maybe this happened because of “tv”? Whatever the case and regardless of what’s happening, the two seem to be making their ways back to each other.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Rose said the following.

“I love him, we have a baby together. He’s always my family no matter what. I don’t know. I think we’re just working on our friendship right now and co-parenting for Sebastian.”

Whether the confusion comes from Wiz or Rose, it can eventually become diffused if the two work together. They just have to figure out which way to go next. Relationship or just friendship?

What are your thoughts on it? Should Khalifa and Amber get back together? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Wiz Khalifa | Twitter]